University of the Potomac Recognizes Constitution Day 2018

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America."

Those words are familiar to most Americans as the Preamble to our Constitution. We all take pride in the United States as a nation of laws, but also of individual rights and liberty. University of the Potomac is also proud to support the observance of Constitution Day and Citizenship Day.

What is Constitution Day?

The United States Government has designated September 17th as Constitution Day and Citizenship Day (also referred to as Constitution Day). To commemorate the September 17, 1787 signing of the U.S. Constitution, most years Constitution Day will be celebrated on September 17th. If September 17th falls on a Saturday, Sunday or holiday, your college may celebrate Constitution Day during the preceding or following week.

To help students, like you, become well-informed citizens through an awareness of and familiarity with the U.S. Constitution, colleges across Illinois and the U.S. may celebrate Constitution Day in their own unique ways.
This day gives us a special opportunity to remember and recognize our heritage, to think about the "blessings of liberty" and about what they demand of us in return as responsible citizens. Constitution Day commemorates the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution on September 17, 1787. This Constitution Day website provides some resources on the history and meaning of the Constitution. We hope it will help you find information and inspiration.



University of the Potomac Military Lounge will Open in November 2017

Step into the new Military Lounge at the University of the Potomac’s (UOTP) Washington, DC Campus, and you’ll feel at home.

UOTP understands the challenges that members of our armed forces face when returning to school. We also understand it is important for our military students to be able to identify one another – which can be difficult when the uniform has been replaced by jeans and a t-shirt.

That’s why UOTP created an exclusive Military Lounge for enrolled military students. The Lounge is a safe haven, a quiet place, a meeting spot for military students to find one another, share experiences and work together to achieve academic and professional success.

The Military Lounge is located on the first floor of UOTP’s DC campus and is accessible only to military-affiliated students through confirmed student ID presented at the front desk.

University of the Potomac Cuts Tuition Rates by 37 to 55 percent

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Low TuitionJuly 10, 2017, Washington, D.C. -- In a move to make education significantly more accessible and affordable, University of the Potomac (UOTP) is reducing domestic tuition costs by 55 percent for associate’s and bachelor’s degrees and 37 percent for master’s degrees and offering a no-interest payment plan to domestic students.


“It has long been in the hearts of our board, ownership, and faculty to reduce the burden of high tuition costs for our students,” said Dr. Clinton Gardner, President of UOTP.


Beginning with UOTP’s September session, the total tuition for a domestic associate’s degree will be $14,400 and $28,800 for a bachelor’s degree. Tuition for master’s degrees will be $16,200. A student’s tuition rate will be locked in for the duration of the degree program.


“Even with the dramatic decrease in tuition, we do not anticipate having to raise our tuition for some time,” Gardner said. “With our focus on delivering a solid education, we are finding ways to reduce costs in areas that have little to do with delivering a quality education to our students.”


Part of what makes this significant reduction in tuition rates possible is offering all programs fully online or for students in the Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland areas, in a once-a-week campus hybrid model. Gardner explained that online or once-a-week classes are both good choices for people wanting to further their education while managing work and family.


In addition to lowering tuition, the university will offer students a no-interest payment plan that allows students to pay $350 per month. Oksana Malysheva, CEO of Linden Education that owns UOTP, said universities must do a better job of not only controlling costs but helping students manage their educational debt.


“It’s concerning that most universities insist on raising their tuition every year or so,” Malysheva said. “Through Potomac, we are taking steps to prove that a quality education can be delivered at a reasonable cost through efficient business practices.”


Established in 1991, University of the Potomac is an independent institution focused on providing education to a diverse, multicultural student population in the Washington, D.C., area. UOTP’s student-to-faculty ratio allows for an exceptional level of mentoring to help ensure a meaningful and successful university experience.


UOTP is regionally accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education and is certified by the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia and licensed by the Higher Education Licensure Commission of the D.C. Office of the State Superintendent of Education. The main campus is located at 1401 H Street, N.W., Suite 100, in  Washington, D.C., with its Virginia campus located at 2070 Chain Bridge Road in Vienna, Virginia.



Pursue a Great Career with a MSIT Degree with Cyber Security Concentration

How would you like to enter a field that is expected to grow no less than 37 percent in terms of total U.S. employment within the next few years? That's not an exaggeration; the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects information security analysts, the core job functionality for cybersecurity graduates, to be one of the fastest-growing fields in the United States.

The Ever-Present (and Growing) Hacking Problem


We've all come across the much-publicized hacking scandals of the last few years. From the 2016 Presidential Election to Yahoo's billion-user fiasco, major global entities have suffered drastically from an increasing number of hacks and cyber attacks that threaten their integrity and bottom line.

But you might not know that the problem is far more widespread; in fact, 14 million small businesses in the United States have suffered from a digital security breach in the past 12 months. Given that 60 percent of small businesses that have been hacked are forced out of business within six months after the breach, it wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that cyber security is one of the core problems facing companies of all sizes today.

Which brings us back to the need for experts. Even entities as large as Target have been proven to be vulnerable, emphasizing cybersecurity expertise as a core competency in IT departments across the country. Unfortunately, not enough experts exist to fill that immediate need - which brings us back to the MS in Information Technology Degree.

The Value of an MSIT With Cyber Security Concentration

Until just a few years ago, degrees in cyber security simply did not exist. That means countless IT professionals work in the United States and around the world today who do not have the capability or knowledge to address potential vulnerabilities and cyber attacks.

For these professionals, adding these skills can be vital to maintaining a positive career arc. For new bachelor's degree graduates, the same skills can be the much-needed door into a lucrative career. In 2014, professionals in the field with less than 5 years experience earned an average $92,600 per year.

That's what makes an IT master's degree with a cyber security specialization so valuable. Courses are specifically designed to fit this emerging need, with classes specifically designed to help emerging IT professionals respond to cyber attacks, understand cyber war, taking a security leadership role, and how to take effective countermeasures.

Skills that Can Enhance Your Career

The skills in our particular Master of Science in Information Technology Degree are designed with these emerging needs in mind. As a result, you will learn and apply a variety of related fields that modern companies need from their IT departments and security specialists:

  • Understand current cyber laws
  • Building a secure data infrastructure
  • Preventing cyber attacks before they happen
  • Fast response and countermeasures to data breaches
  • Cyber forensics to detect traces of attacks
  • Understanding the training and staff needed for cyber security
  • Developing a cyber security budget
  • Finding and implementing the right security tools
  • and much more.

The program is specifically designed to prepare students for this emerging need. As a result, graduates are ideally prepared to become cyber security experts as soon as they walk the stage at commencement.

Multiple Delivery Options to Fit Your Needs

Cyber security is a unique field in that it is so new that existing professionals will benefit from the skills and experience gained in a relevant MSIT as much as students who have yet to start their career. That's why we offer our program both on campus and online, helping professionals at any career stage optimize their skills for the future of IT.

Are you ready to enter a field that is currently facing a talent shortage? As far as career moves go, it's close to a safe bet. To learn more about our Master's Degree in Information Technology with a cyber security concentration, contact us.

Hybrid Learning Gives Benefits to Many Types of Students

Online programs aren't for everyone, but neither are campus ones. University of the Potomac's once-a-week hybrid learning option is a compromise between the two and offers an ideal solution for many students. Here are the kinds of students who are better off with a hybrid learning option:

The working student

You've got a job that you don't want to give up while you study. Maybe you need it for rent, food, and transportation. Maybe it's a great internship that will likely lead to a career at your dream company. Maybe it's your own business and you're just studying to improve its prospects. Either way, it'll be easier to attend class when it's held once-a-week in the evenings or on Saturday. You also won't miss out on the personal aspect since there will be plenty of time spent with professors and other students online and in the classroom.

Hybrid LearningThe thoughtful student

In a traditional classroom setting, there's only so much time in a period. The professor is going to take most of it, and that leaves students just a fraction of the hour to get their word in. UOTP's online discussion forums provide a solution to this problem. If there isn't enough time to ask a question in class, you can post it in a new thread. This is also helpful if you remember something later that you forgot to mention in class.

The bookworm student

In a hybrid learning environment, students have access to online research databases and the university's online library. Together, they provide enough sources to keep the most ambitious student stocked with fresh reading material. In addition, if you prefer to search for publications in person, then you can also go to the physical library.

The saving student

Tuition is expensive enough, and students certainly don't have to look for more ways to spend money. If you're on a tight budget, then you might benefit from a hybrid learning option. Going to class online means not having to fill up your gas tank as much, not having to buy another ticket for the metro, and not having to find a babysitter for your kids. In addition, you'll have more time to go shopping and cook your own food instead of eating out in restaurants.

The "family first" student

The family is one of the few things that takes precedence over school. The only thing is that everyone has different commitments based on their own situation. If you're an only child and your parents live in town, then it won't be difficult to stay in touch with your family. But if you have kids and your partner lives in a different city, it gets challenging.
Hybrid learning options provide flexible schedules for students. A family emergency won't set you too far back and you'll be able to recover in no time. In terms of your everyday schedule, you'll have enough time and flexibility to drive your kids around, Skype with family members, and save time for dates.

University of the Potomac's hybrid learning environment take the best aspects of online and campus and creates a more optimal solution. To talk more about hybrid learning environments, or anything else, contact us today.

Prepare for one of the World's Largest Industries With a Hospitality and Tourism Degree

Bachelors in Hospitality & TourismIn today's economy, hardly anyone goes to college simply for the sake of self-improvement. It's a significant investment, both in terms of time and money, so getting something out of your degree is crucial. If the degree cannot help you start a long and successful career, you may look elsewhere.

That qualifier is exactly what makes a Hospitality and Tourism Degree so beneficial. You will not only learn the skills and knowledge necessary for a variety of careers within this field, but you'll also become a part of one of the largest industries around the globe. Naturally, that means excellent employment and career opportunities after graduation.

The Global Tourism Industry

Once you think about it, the number makes perfect sense. With more than $7.26 trillion dollars spent worldwide, the global tourism industry is among the largest verticals in the world. Each year, 900 million passengers fly to and from the United States alone, and that number is magnified once expanded around the globe.

The exact nature of that tourism, of course, can take many shapes and forms. From luxury travel to the Caribbean to backpacking journeys to Thailand, everyone understands 'travel' as something unique and different. Take all of them together, and you have a global powerhouse that's not about to stop being popular anytime soon.

The Need for Skilled Labor

Anywhere people travel, the need for skilled labor exists. From trip planners to hotel managers, billions of tourists around the world require the service of almost as many service professionals working to keep them happy and focused on their trip.

An increasing about of that labor, of course, has to be skilled. The internet has opened up new possibilities and complications in the global tourism industry, which the modern workforce will need to contend with. Whether a millionaire is planning a yacht cruise or a college student is looking for ways to spend their gap year, professionals will need to jump in and guide them in both the planning and execution of their travels.

A Flexible Degree With a Sharp Focus

That's where the Hospitality and Tourism degree comes into play. The curriculum is designed specifically to be flexible; you won't graduate only qualified to be a hotel manager. Instead, you'll have the communication and management skills necessary to take on any leading job and career within the tourism industry.

At the same time, that flexibility does not take away from the focus you need to be successful in this major industry. Ultimately, anyone working in or even adjacent to hospitality and tourism will need one skill above all: customer communication. A service focus is crucial to succeeding, which is why finding a degree that offers that focus is absolutely essential. Without it, you will struggle to find a lasting and successful career in the field.

Finding the Right School For Your Degree

In other words, the key to success in entering one of the largest industries in the world is to find a degree that prepares you ideally for it. That's where we enter the equation. The University of the Potomac prides itself not just on high-quality classes, but also a comprehensive field work program that gets you in touch with some of the largest hospitality and tourism management companies in the Washington, D.C. area.

As a result, you will get the theoretical knowledge needed to succeed, and the practical experience necessary to thrive in the industry. Interdisciplinary classes mean that you don't have to limit yourself to a single position within hospitality or tourism; but by the time you graduate, you'll be ideally prepared to get a head start. To learn more about our degree, contact us.

University of the Potomac's Hospitality and Tourism Degree

What are your dreams? Would like to travel the world? Maybe you would like a job with good pay, benefits, and perks. Perhaps you want all these things and to work around interesting people every day. If you are dreaming of any or all of these things, you should consider getting a hospitality and tourism degree from the University of the Potomac.

With a Degree, You Could Find a Job that Would Pay Well

What sounds exciting to you, travel, being a manager? There are numerous jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry that pay well. You could be a cruise director, cruise ship captain, concierge, restaurant manager, flight attendant, hotel general manager, hotel reservations agent, chauffeur, tour guide, and travel clerk.

A cruise ship captain earns a median salary of $99,122, according to, with a minimum of $42,936, and up to $194,016. A hotel general manager earns at least $52,672, but as much as $101,000. A chauffeur earns at least 31,443, but sometimes more than $40,000 annually.

The global hotel industry alone was projected to earn $550 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016, and reported one in ten jobs worldwide is in travel and tourism.

Your Job Could Give You the Chance to Travel the World

Do you want to work on a cruise ship? Ships travel to various locations. You might travel to Mexico, the Bahamas, Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, and many other beautiful and exotic places. The same would be true for an airplane pilot or flight attendant. It doesn't stop there, however. Would you rather move, instead of constantly traveling? If you're a good restaurant or hotel manager, hotel, you might find a position in London, Amsterdam or Paris. You might get a job as a regional restaurant manager, managing several restaurants in the same chain. Would you like work as adventure travel guide? You might lead trips in Africa or other exotic locations. If you are a museum curator or travel guide, you might land a job in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, or London.

Contact us at 888-635-1121 or email at

Maximizing Transfer Credits

keyboard_transfer_webEnrollment advisers work closely with students considering transferring from other institutions to ensure that as many credits as possible can be applied toward earning a degree from University of the Potomac. In order to maximize the number of credits that can be transferred, it is important that students provide a copy of their unofficial transcripts when having their credits evaluated.

When transferring from another institution, University of the Potomac is able to accept up to 84 semester hours toward your bachelor's degree program. Or, if you have already earned your associate degree University of the Potomac may accept of up to 60 semester hours from students who have completed Associate degrees. Up to 6 credits can be transfer into University of the Potomac master’s programs. Credits must have been earned at a regionally or nationally accredited U.S. institution.

University of the Potomac offers degree programs in the following areas:

  • Accounting
  • Business
  • Cyber Security & Policy
  • Government Contract Management
  • General Education credits
  • Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Information Technology
  • International Business

Maximizing transfer credits ensures students can earn their degree sooner, saving time and money. For more details, refer to the current University of the Potomac catalog.

Contact us at 888-635-1121 or to see how you can complete your degree at University of the Potomac.

Six Reasons You Should Consider a Hospitality and Tourism Degree

Bachelors in Hospitality & TourismWhy should you consider a hospitality and tourism degree? If you are looking for a job that pays well, consider a job as a hotel or restaurant manager, cruise ship captain or director, or another job in the field. While many people are looking for a job that is interesting and want to work with interesting people, these are only some of the reasons to consider this as a career. Here are six reasons you should consider a hospitality and tourism degree: 

  • The jobs pay well, and you can accelerate your career if you work hard. 
  • You will work with interesting people. 
  • Your job will have variety every day. Creativity is a necessity in this field. 
  • You will have a flexible schedule. 
  • Your will have globally popular job skills. 
  • The job has a number of perks, such as flexible insurance, and bonuses for top performance. 

The Pay is Good, and Career Advancement is Possible

There are many jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry, and many of them pay quite well. Some of the jobs include airplane pilot, concierge, cruise line representative, cruise ship captain, flight attendant, hotel general manager, hotel reservations agent, chauffeur, taxi driver, tour guide, and travel clerk. 

Many of the jobs pay well. A hotel general manager earns an average of $64,000 annually, according to A cruise ship captain earns a median salary of $99,122, according to, with a low salary of $42,936, and a high of $194,016. The median salary for a chauffeur as of 2016 was $31,443, but some chauffeurs earn more than $40,000 annually. 

Travel and tourism jobs offer advancement opportunities for a variety of positions. According to, as the American economy improves, the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries will benefit from the growth. Often people hired as a member of the seasonal staff in the industry earn lucrative promotions. 

The global hotel industry alone was forecasted to generate $550 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016, according to

Your Skills Would Be In Demand Anywhere in the World

What would you like to do, be a hotel manager, cruise ship captain,  a restaurant manager, an event planner for corporations and organizations, hotel concierge, or a travel agent? Where would you like to work? What you learned working in a restaurant in New Orleans would be the same basic principles you would use in a restaurant in Paris. The skills you used working at a five-star hotel in New York City would work at a hotel in London. 

You Would Have a Flexible Schedule

Are you an Early Bird? Because of shift work, some positions in a hotel or restaurant are through as early as two p.m. Are you still taking classes, and did you schedule all your classes in as few days as possible to have a long weekend every week? In a hospitality career, it's often possible to earn a full-time income with full-time hours in a short work week.

The Perks Can Be Great

Good pay isn't enough for you? The pay is competitive, but a hospitality career offers even more. Managers in the tourism and hospitality career fields often receive compensation packages that include bonuses for good financial results. They also often include flexible health and dental coverage, long-term disability and life insurance. Perks you may have not even considered can include hard-to-get hotel reservations, access to international hotspots, discounted or free flights, discounted or free food and drinks,  and even complimentary show or game tickets.

Work With Great People 

Successful people who work in the hospitality and tourism field are people-driven. Naturally, they hire people with excellent interpersonal skills, who are outgoing, easy to talk to, and good-natured. These are the people you will work with, and friendships outside of work are common. Coming to work is fun.    

Your Job Will Be Different Every Day

You may have your day planned out, but a regular hotel guest calls, or there is an unexpected change in business volume that will bring your hotel a lot more customers, and everything changes. Your job won't be boring. It's a good job for those who think on their feet. 

Prepare for an Exciting Career

The University of the Potomac's Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree can help you succeed in this fascinating career field. Students must complete two internships in the industry at the end of their Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management  degree program. For more information, contact us

Contract Management Degree

How a Contract Management Degree Bridges the Gap between Theory and Practice

Contract Management DegreeIt is fair to say that a contract management degree is a specialization within the field of business administration. Fearing that this type of education will pigeonhole a future job applicant, some learners are uncertain if they should opt for this level of focus. Interestingly, the opposite is frequently the case.

Behind the Contract Management Degree

The program stretches over 120 semester credit hours, which makes it comparable to other business administration degrees. It presents with the required general education classes that include college algebra and English composition. Mandatory finance and economics courses ensure a well-rounded education. The list of management courses is lengthier. Here, you may learn about international business, critical thinking, business ethics as well as project management.

What sets apart this degree program from others is the variety of electives. Within this selection, the student now can unlock the doors that will open in the future. Examples include corporate taxation, cost accounting, risk management, investment analysis, total quality management, database management, international marketing, human resources management and salesmanship. Far from pigeonholing a future job candidate, the specialization opportunities within the contract management degree serve to pave the way to a broad range of prospective careers.

Inoculated against the Business Major Blues

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) called it the “business major blues.” It refers to a condition that indicates a sense of being adrift. Studies show that business majors are more likely to feel this way than those majoring in other disciplines. Lacking interest in the work and missing out on enjoying the tasks, these folks sadly invest in a degree that simply does not appeal to them. Although this is certainly not the case for all business majors, it does apply to a good many of them.

Specialization holds the key for those who need a clearer sense of direction (as well as for students who like to have a firm hand in charting their career courses).

  • Prepare for a role. Instead of completing one class after the next, the learner assumes the role of a business professional by selecting a concentration within the specialized degree program. For the student with a great head for numbers, the finance concentration will make sense. For the marketer, a focus in this section is ideal.
  • Practice the techniques. It is not enough to learn the fundamentals of finance in a lower division course. For the dedicated finance learner who wants to apply the knowledge gained already, in-depth study of portfolio management and international banking works well.
  • Create actionable decisions. Contract management is a discipline that calls for decision-making skills. Unless the student has an opportunity to try a hand a putting together actionable plans and models, the learner will not feel the connection between the course material and the real world application of the lessons.

Finding Your Place in the World of Business

Unless a course of study resonates with you on a gut level, there is a good chance that you have not yet discovered your place in the world of business. So far, we have addressed that specialization is not a limitation on your ability to spread your wings but rather an opportunity to unlock additional doors. Moreover, we have shown that concentrations within the specialization prevent you from feeling disengaged from (and bored with) the subjects you are studying as well as the future positions that will be available to someone in your field.

At this stage, it makes sense to consider your use of what you will learn. Although attending our classes on campus is a great option for students local to us, many learners live elsewhere. They have the opportunity to remain in their careers or take on entry-level business careers. There, they apply hands-on what they learn in class. Doing so is easy with our online classes. Contact us today to learn more about earning a contract management degree online.