Top 5 Successful Learning Strategies for Online Studies and Coursework

Top 5 Successful Learning Strategies for Online Studies and Coursework

Top 5 Successful Learning Strategies for Online Studies and CourseworkMore and more learners choose online studies rather than a traditional brick and mortar school. Students cite work-life balance as a major reason for preferring learning online rather than enrolling at a local campus that requires a time commitment dictated by the school. With the advent of video sharing, podcasts and blogging, using the Internet for formal learning is indeed becoming a viable choice.

Yet have you ever wondered what it takes to be successful in this classroom setting? While attrition can occur in any learning environment, online studies give you the unique opportunity to set yourself up for success from the get go. Five successful learning strategies make it possible.

  1. Technical requirements catalog. There is nothing more frustrating than getting ready to attend an online lecture only to find out that your computer speakers do not work. Find out ahead of time what your systems requirements are. For example, you need a way to connect to the Internet, run a Pentium 400 MHz processor and meet certain operating system requirements. Reading through our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section lets you check off the requirements that your computer and peripherals meet.
  2. Goal setting for personal buy-in. Next, create a list that outlines why you are signing up for an online class. Are you pursuing a degree? Are you seeking career advancement? Down the line, when you find yourself feeling tired or unmotivated, reading over this list can motivate you to push through and keep going.
  3. Study space setup. Although it is true that with a laptop and Internet access you can study anywhere and at any time, you will be wise to set up a dedicated study space. If you have a home office or guest bedroom, you are ahead of the race. Nevertheless, you do not need this amount of space to succeed in the virtual classroom. Even if you simply dedicate a desk or small table to your schoolwork, you create a space that is solely used for your studies. There, keep your notes, syllabi and books. Family members and guests in your home should know not to disturb anything on this table.
  4. Calendar planning. Flexibility is the main reason for choosing the online classroom environment. That said, it is always a good idea to dedicate a wall calendar to chart your study time, online learning hours and syllabus-specific due dates as well as events. Doing so offers you a framework for time management that lets you allocate time to work, family, hobbies and learning. Some of our students have found it useful to color-code the calendar entries to ensure a consistency in your study habits. When you need to move a study time – no problem! Simply schedule it for a different time slot.
  5. Resources inventory. On the Internet, you find spelling and grammar checkers, study materials and podcasts that are related to your field or degree program. The University of the Potomac partners with for unrivaled online tutoring. Knowing ahead of time where to turn when you need help eliminates frustration and ensures that you have all your resources readily available.

With the breadth of online degree opportunities at our school, training for a new career or professional advancement is a snap. The convenience of the virtual classroom eliminates obstacles and hurdles that keep learners at traditional schools from pursuing or finishing their coursework. When you employ just the right strategies to prepare yourself for online studies, stacking the deck in your favor is no problem. Equipped for achieving success from the start, you will find your coursework enjoyable. Contact us today to learn more and to get started.

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Online Degree Programs: How to Get an Online Degree

online degree programsIf you want to increase your education and possibly look for another job, you might be thinking about going back to school. As you might have learned over the years, it can be tough to find a good job if you don't have a good education. Plus, you might be interested in improving yourself personally by learning new things and completing something that you never thought you could (or would) complete: a degree.

If you are like a lot of adults, however, going to a brick-and-mortar campus might not be easy. For example, you might be afraid that going to school will get in the way of your job, and you might be unable to sacrifice any of your time at work to go to school. You might also have kids or a spouse -- or even an elderly parent or other sick family member who needs you -- which may make it impossible for you to attend school on a regular schedule.

Luckily, if you look into some of the online degree programs, you might find that going back to school will fit into your life more easily than you ever thought it would. Going to school online allows you to work on your schoolwork when it's convenient and possible for you, such as before or after your day job, after your kids have gone to bed at night or while your spouse is at work. Then, you can achieve your dream without putting the rest of your life on hold.

Choose Your Degree Path

Before you can choose a school and can get started toward your new goal, you'll have to choose a degree path. Look at your interests, and do your research into possible degree options and career opportunities. There are many different majors and minors out there for you to choose from, depending on what you are interested in and what you would like to do with the rest of your life. If you are unsure of where to start or can't make up your mind between various majors, you can always consider talking to someone from each department that you are interested in. Then, you can learn a little more about each program, which can help you determine which one is right for you.

Pick a Good Online School

Once you know what you want to go to school for, you'll need to choose a good online school. Look for a school that either specializes in online education or that has a strong online learning program. Talk to different people from each school until you find a college or university that is suitable for you. You will want to find a school that is flexible, that offers a strong education and that is affordable for your budget. One excellent choice is the University of the Potomac.

Focus on Your Studies

Signing up for classes is just the beginning. Once the "easy part" is done, it will be time to settle into a routine of studying, checking your online class dashboards, doing your homework, taking quizzes, tests and exams, and otherwise being a dedicated, hardworking student. You'll need to focus hard on your studies, even if you're busy. It can be easy to get behind in online classes if you don't take your work seriously, so it is important not to slack off. It might be tough, but it'll all be worth it in the end when you have completed your degree, have continued your education and are able to move forward into a career that you will love.

If you would like to earn an online degree and are interested in the many online degree programs that are available, contact us today so that we can help you plan for your future.

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Who Can Benefit From An Online Business Degree?

online business degreePursuing an online business degree is a big investment, which is why people at all stages of their careers choose to earn their degrees with the University of the Potomac. Whether you’re at the beginning of your career or are a seasoned professional who is ready for advancement opportunities, our online business degree will give you the competitive training you need to advance in your field.

Wherever you are in your career, chances are that an online business degree can benefit you.

If you’re at the beginning of your career...

If you’re just starting out in your career, an online business degree will help you gain the knowledge you need to be successful in your industry. Having advanced business knowledge will make you a much more competitive candidate for employment, which is essential in today’s job market. You’ll be able to jumpstart your career by landing a position with more responsibility and better pay.

You’ll also be glad to know that an online degree through the University of the Potomac is affordable, even if you’re at the beginning of your career. Competitive tuition rates and financial aid options make our online degrees an even better investment.

If you’re self-employed...

Although you don’t need a business degree to be self-employed, having a business education will give your company even more of an edge. Being able to earn a business degree on your own terms will help you make sure that you’re using current best practices in your business. You’ll be able to grow your business with confidence, knowing that the decisions you make are informed by a quality business education.

Your clients will appreciate your degree as well, since it represents a commitment to maintaining the highest standard of business practices. Ultimately, having an online business degree will help you build your clients’ trust – which will bring in more clients and more revenue.

If you’re seeking a promotion...

If you love your job and want to do even better at it, an online business degree will help you do more of what you love. You’ll have the opportunity to hone your skills in your field, building on your prior experience to increase your job performance. If you’re looking for a promotion, having extra education will make you a better candidate for advancement opportunities.

Before you enroll, you may want to check to see if employer will pay for your degree. Many employers encourage their employees to pursue continuing education and will offer tuition reimbursement or other benefits if you take classes toward a degree.

If you want to change careers...

With the experience that you’ll gain in the process of earning your degree, an online business degree could be your ticket to a new career. Many career changers choose to pursue online degree options for their flexibility. Being able to work on your own schedule makes it possible to complete an online degree without leaving your current job – which minimizes the risk in changing careers.

No matter who you are, an online degree can help you pursue a career you love. Whether you’re a busy professional, a parent, anyone else, it’s possible to build a better future with our online degree options.

Not only is an online business degree from the University of the Potomac an affordable, flexible option – it’s a choice you know you can trust. Our business degree is accredited, which means that you know you’ll be receiving a quality education that employers will respect.

Want to find out if an online business degree through the University of the Potomac is a good choice for your career? Contact us to learn more about how an online degree is right for you!

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Degree Program

7 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Online Degree ProgramAttending an online degree program is one of the best things that a busy person can do to gain greater success in life. Earning an online degree through an accredited university is a life choice that can only end with positive results.

But where do you begin with your future degree?

Some people want to better themselves financially and educationally, but they don't know how to get the educational ball rolling. While other people are incredibly busy with work and kids, and they have no time for a traditional degree program.

What both types of people have in common, however, is that they both want to succeed in college, but are unsure as to what measures to take to create a better future for themselves.

Here are seven ways of getting the most out of your online degree program.

1. Be prepared to work on your own. You're a self-starter, you applied to attend online classes, so working autonomously won't be a problem for you. Just remember, without a formal classroom, some of your work will rely only on you. Working alone is one of the first learning curves to overcome for attending online classes.

2. Don't fear technology. Online classes take place in the virtual classroom -- this much is true. What it doesn't do, however, is stop those who are less tech savvy from a true pedagogical experience. With most online degree programs, the technological aspects augment your experience and don't hinder it. So embrace change.

3. Set aside the time that you need to succeed. Online degree programs require extra time out of your life. But that's what makes them so special. When compared to a traditional degree program, which requires a strict schedule, an online Bachelor's or Master's program lets you decide what times work best for your busy schedule.

4. Become pals with your classmates. Just like a traditional classroom, connecting with peers is what makes the experience so special. There will be many times for you to connect with peers and work together. To get the fullest online degree experience, make friends with those who will help you attain your degree.

5. Share your issues with your instructors. Your instructors are there to help you earn an online degree, so use them for their knowledge and experience. When you are having issues, reach out to your instructor for help. In the end, an instructor is the only thing un-virtual about your online degree.

6. Make a plan and stick to it. To succeed in an online degree program, you must be disciplined. There may be virtual classes to attend, programs to make sense of, assigned work that needs to be completed, books read, and papers to write. It is a true college experience, minus the travel. To make the most out of your online degree program, and to be your best, set a schedule and work your life around it as much as possible.

7. Don't give up when times get rough. You made it this far, so don't quit now. Much like attending a physical classroom, an online degree program requires commitment. So in order to succeed, you sometimes have to go the extra mile to make things work. While, at times, this might seem like an uphill battle, we can guarantee that all of your hard work will pay off in the end.

Earning your degree takes what is best about you and mixes it with your drive and desire to succeed. So, while it doesn't always take a special person to earn an online degree, it helps if your commitment for greater things and a brighter future always have your back.

Are you ready to create a better future? We can help you with your online degree! Please don't hesitate to contact us today for more information on graduation rates, programs, and more.

At University of the Potomac, you're able to balance current commitments like a job and family while earning a valuable degree.

What Are The Steps To An Online Degree?

What Are The Steps To An Online DegreeIf you’ve been thinking about pursuing a degree but are worried about how to fit an education into your busy schedule, you’ll be glad to know that it’s more than possible to earn a degree while keeping your life in balance. Whether you have a job, kids, or other commitments that make flexibility a must, an online degree can give you the training you need to take the next step in your professional life.

Fortunately, in addition to being flexible and rewarding, earning an online degree is a straightforward process. Here are six essential steps to getting an online degree:

Think About Your Future Goals. As with any type of degree, it’s important to think about what you want your online degree to do for you. Are you at the beginning of your career? Are you building your qualifications for a promotion? Are you changing fields? The answers to these questions will help you decide what type of degree to pursue, and how to get the most out of your degree once you have it.

Choose Your Degree. Once you have a good sense of your future goals, it’s time to think about which type of degree will give you the most leverage in reaching those goals. You’ll first need to decide whether you’re looking for a certification, an undergraduate degree such as a Bachelor’s or Associate’s, or a graduate degree such as a Master’s. You’ll also need to choose a degree in your field of interest. Make sure to take time to look over the degree’s curriculum to make sure you’ll be getting the training you need.

Find The Right School. Finding the right school can depend on a number of factors. It’s important to check that the school offers your program of interest online. Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to look into the school’s accreditation. Reputable schools such as University of the Potomac often have this information on their websites. Finally, you’ll want to check tuition rates and financial aid options to ensure that you’ll be able to finance your degree.

Enroll In Your Program. Fill out the program’s application form, paying attention to make sure that you’ve submitted all the required materials. You’ll typically need to submit a few documents including official test scores, transcripts from schools that you’ve previously attended, and prior training certificates. The specific documents will typically vary depending on your intended program.

Plan Your Schedule. Although an online degree is highly flexible, you’ll want to put some thought into how your studies will fit into your schedule. Block out some time to devote to your education. That way you’ll be sure that you won’t fall behind on studying. You’ll appreciate the effort that you put into your education; not only will it help you earn better grades, but spending some time focused on your education will make you more competent when it’s time to put your education to use in the professional world.

Earn A Degree. If you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to earning your online degree. Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and moving on to the next exciting steps in your life!

University of the Potomac offers a wide variety of accredited, in-demand degrees and certificates that you can earn online. Earning a degree from University of the Potomac will give you the skills you need to succeed professionally, giving you the knowledge and confidence to pursue new professional opportunities. With flexibility and excellent results, earning an online degree with University of the Potomac is one of the best choices you can make for your career.

Please contact us or visit our website to learn how University of the Potomac can help you reach your educational goals.

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of Getting a Degree with Online Studies

Keep Your New Year’s Resolution of Getting a Degree with Online StudiesAlthough the New Year’s celebrations are in the rear view mirror, the New Year’s resolutions do not have to be. The experts at the Statistic Brain Research Institute note that 47 percent of Americans make “self improvement or education related resolutions.” That said, only about 39 percent of polled individuals succeed at reaching their goals. In the over-fifty age group, the number drops to 14 percent. If a higher education or a degree has been your New Year’s resolution, you can still achieve it with online studies.

Common Reasons for Putting Education on the Back Burner

Even though you were certain that this would be the year to work toward a degree or learn new skills for a career change, it is easy to put this resolution on the back burner. Common reasons are the busyness associated with having a family or being employed, the length of time it takes to earn a degree and the volume of paperwork that admissions representatives ask you to fill out before you even set foot inside a classroom. This brings us to the next reason for not following through with your goal of a higher education: restrictive class schedules.

Online Studies Put You in the Driver’s Seat of Your Education

Do not allow the teen-centric design of a college’s class schedule to keep you from the education you deserve. At the University of the Potomac, you find that there is a school that makes education user-friendly.

  • Get credit for prior learning. If you have had some college experience in the past, have held jobs or may have been working in a career position for a while, you have the kind of life experience that easily translates into college credit. Depending on the skills that you bring to the table, you have the potential of saving time and tuition costs by applying these skills to your degree.
  • No GMAT requirement. If the hassle and expense of the Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) has kept you from pursuing a Masters in Business Administration degree, this school agrees that it is unnecessary to jump through these hoops.
  • Savings opportunities. If you or a qualifying family member has served in the armed forces, you may qualify for discounted tuition. Other savings options include possible scholarships through the school (and other organizations) as well as money saved through credit for prior learning. Of course, learning online as opposed to attending a traditional classroom also offers plenty of savings.

Online Degree Programs Prepare You for a New Career

When you choose to forgo the inconvenient schedule of your local college or university in favor of one of the University of Potomac’s online bachelor, MBA or associate’s degree programs, you have the opportunity to take advantage of learning at your pace. In addition, you may choose to set up your learning space in your home, office or anywhere else that is convenient for you.

When you advance your education to a bachelor’s degree, you may choose from a broad range of fields that include business, information technology and cyber security. Students desiring to earn an associate’s degree appreciate the availability of programs that include international business and network security management. Classes are taught by industry professionals who bring their expertise and real-life understanding of the subject matter to the virtual classroom. The training you receive in this manner is relevant to today’s business climate and geared toward your success in the chosen field.

When you are not ready to shelf your goal of a higher education for yet another year, online studies can help you succeed. The application process is quick and easy. Talk to live representatives on the phone and fill out documents online at your convenience. With such an easy setup, you can look back on this year as one of the successful 39 percent (or 14 percent) who achieves her or his resolutions. Contact us today to learn more and to get started.

Q and A: Are Online Degrees Credible?

Q and A: Are Online Degrees Credible"Are online degrees credible?" Many students and employers have asked this question time and again, especially as online degree institutions increase in number with the growing accessibility to the Internet. So, what makes online degrees credible, and how do you know a degree is not in-name only? Here's our guideline for finding the right online degree program that meets accreditation standards for education and employers.

Look for Accreditation

When looking at the credibility of online degrees, it's important to first look at institutions which are accredited by official accrediting agencies. These agencies make sure that online institutions provide quality education according to specific standards. The U.S. Department of Education has a full list of reliable agencies that provide accreditation, and the University of the Potomac is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, in addition to other regional agencies.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of schools that are run as "diploma mills"--organizations  that claim accreditation through fraudulent accreditation mills, and therefore offer unaccredited degrees for a fee. Paying for a degree through these mills largely leads to employment or educational enrollment problems later in life, as many institutions do not recognize these degrees. Schools that do not list accreditations, or list accreditation agencies not found under the list provided by the U.S. Department of Education should be looked at with a critical eye.

Employer Recognition With an Online Degree

But besides accreditation, what also distinguishes online degrees from others? What ensures their value, especially in the eyes of employers? Many people--including some employers--might eye online degrees critically because they are unfamiliar with the degree environments, or are distrustful based on news garnered by degree mills. However, when you have a degree from an accredited university, you should not be worried. For the most part, the overall landscape of education is changing, and most employers are aware of accredited online institutions and trust those degree. But for the ones who still doubt their use, here are our tips for ensuring that you get the work you deserve, especially when asked about your degree during a job interview.

To really get value out of your online degree and present it in the best light, it's important to demonstrate the skills you learned from it, in addition to having the degree. Whether it's showcasing an internship or job you had in relation to your degree, producing a hefty project from your coursework, or providing recommendations from instructors, making these connections will help employers understand that your degree is not from a "degree mill," but from an institution that values work and experience. And when others can vouch for your skills and experience, it is a lot easier to convince employers that you do have the skills and certification to do the expected job and tasks right.

In addition, tap into the career resources and alumni network of your online degree's institution. The University on the Potomac offers career resources and counseling to prepare for job interviews or plan a strategy for finding work with your new degree. Plus, with the thousands of graduates that have seen the value of their degree, talking to them about employers and industries that are familiar with the institution, or familiar in hiring other online degree graduates, can help you find places that already respect your degree.

Overall, an online degree is a credible proof of your education and skills, especially when it comes from an authentic educational institution. Getting your degree online should not stop you from pursuing an education, especially if you live a busy life, are of a non-traditional age, or simply cannot afford the expenses of an on-campus degree. Distance and online learning is well worth the effort and time. To get started on your application, contact us.

The Web Design Course to Prepare you for Industry Certification

Develop the skills necessary to specialize in website design with University of the Potomac. Flexible, online courses in web design and development, information technology, and cyber security can prepare you for a new career.

That’s the mission of The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center, where a new series of Education-2-Employment classes are helping veterans, their family members, military servicemembers, career changers, and more find success in competitive new career fields.

Build upon basic web authoring skills with best practices in web design, tools and technologies. With a CIW Web Design Specialist course, you’ll earn a certificate that will prepare you to compete in our increasingly high-tech world. You’ll also finish the 12-month, mentor-supported program prepared to take the exam to earn CIW Web Design Specialist certification.

CIW certification is the world’s fastest growing vendor-neutral web technology certification program. It’s the educational standard that will set you and your proven abilities apart from other web designers, IT workers, graphic artists and business professionals. At University of the Potomac, you’ll learn:

  • An overview of web design concepts
  • Web development teams, including web project management
  • Web project management fundamentals, including documentation and communication
  • Website development, navigation and wireframes
  • How to build effective web page layouts
  • Web page accessibility
  • Browsers and their design considerations
  • Navigation concepts
  • Creating web graphics and images
  • Multimedia for the web, including animation, audio and video
  • Ethical and legal issues in web development
  • The function and evolution of HTML and markup languages
  • Tables and framesets for web page structure
  • Website content, internet marketing and search engine optimization
  • Creating web pages with open-source tools
  • HTTP Servers and Web Applications, including server administration
  • Web design and databases
  • Site testing, publishing and maintenance

You’ll also learn to work with essential production tools like Microsoft Expression Web, and Adobe Dreamweaver and Flash. You will study design and development technologies and languages including Cascading Style Sheets, Extensible Markup Language, JavaScript, Java applets and Dynamic HTML.

Talk to a training advisor today about enrolling in this online course, or any of the online career training courses University of the Potomac offers in technology and computer programs. Call 1-844-­235-­9108 or email Learn more about exciting new career options at the Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center.

Five Steps to Becoming a Professional Photographer

Photography is your passion. But do you have the business skills you need to turn a hobby into your new profession?

A new career course at University of the Potomac bundles five keys to success for new photographers into a single, online course offering. In 12 months, you’ll learn photography basics, marketing tips and tools, social media marketing, entrepreneurship and bookkeepingeverything you need to launch a successful new career as a professional photographer.

The Photography Entrepreneurship, Business and Marketing career course bundle includes:

  • Photographer Career Prep
    Learn about both conventional film photography and digital capture with Photographer Career Prep. With this course, you’ll develop a step-by-step understanding of general photographic techniques, visual awareness, troubleshooting issues and the photography business.
  • Marketing Tools and Tips for Success
    Learn how to build your community, track engagement, measure analytics, generate brand awareness and accomplish your marketing goals with Marketing Tools & Tips for Success.
  • Basics of Marketing with Social Media
    This in-demand course in marketing and sales will help you leverage new social platforms for business success. Whether you’re a beginner or digital native, Basics of Marketing with Social Media will help you master online skills essential to launching your new business.
  • Become an Entrepreneur
    Get the tools, information and strategies you need to run your own business. With the Become an Entrepreneur course, you’ll delve into topics including risk, economics, the global market, ethics, legal considerations, business plans, human resources and business organization.
  • Bookkeeping Administration
    Learn practical tools for business accounting with a course in Bookkeeping Administration. You’ll learn one of the most powerful tools for managing your business, QuickBooks, as well as how to analyze business transactions, account for sales and purchases, manage cash and payroll, and prepare basic financial statements.

With this self-paced, online course in Photography Entrepreneurship, Business and Marketing, you can study whenever you want, wherever you are. Additional courses for business professionals are available in a variety of fields, including landscaping, floristry, and wedding planning. For more information, browse the catalog of career courses at The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center.

Contact us today to ask about enrolling in classes for new business owners at 1-844-­235-­9108 or Visit The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center online.

Prepare for a Rewarding Career as a Wellness Coach

Jobs for health educators—including wellness coaches and community health workers —are projected to grow more than 20 percent over the next decade thanks to new efforts to improve health outcomes while reducing healthcare costs by teaching people how to live healthier lives.

With University of the Potomac’s Wellness Coach Career Prep course, you’ll take the first steps towards entry into this in-demand job field.

Wellness coaching is a unique career field that combines expertise in areas related to health, wellness and fitness. Learn the relevant theories and methods you’ll need to work with clients and their specific health goals, teach people about behaviors that promote wellness, and develop strategies to improve the health of individuals and communities.

The flexible, online course in wellness coaching is just one of several medical and allied healthcare training programs offered through University of the Potomac’s career development division. With this 12-month, self-paced course at The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center, you’ll learn:

  • Fundamentals of wellness coaching, including different types and job duties of a wellness coach
  • Coaching models and methods used to help clients adopt healthier habits
  • The importance of developing your own coaching style in your career as a wellness coach
  • How to establish an effective, healthy and supportive coaching relationship
  • Active-listening techniques and their role in wellness coaching
  • How to ask the right questions to help your clients
  • The best strategies for open and honest communication
  • Steps to help you develop an action plan that will prepare your clients for future success and wellness
  • Lifelong learning strategies for wellness coaches

Learn more about the Wellness Coach Career Prep course at University of the Potomac or browse the complete catalog of available healthcare classes, including nutrition, home health, nursing, physical therapy, adolescent development and aromatherapy.

Whatever certificate you choose to prepare for a rewarding new career, University of the Potomac is here to serve you.

Get personalized assistance with enrollment in classes today at 1-844-­235-­9108 or or visit the Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center online.