Having trouble deciding what type of business degree to pursue? Learn more about the degree levels available and what they can offer you.

Which Business Degree Level is Right for Me?

If you gravitate toward leadership roles that exercise your analytical and communication skills, then a business management degree program might be the perfect fit for your interests and goals. But while choosing a major is a tough decision, the process of planning your education can be just as challenging.

Once you decide to pursue a business management degree, the next thing you have to figure out is which degree level best suits your educational and career goals—not to mention your schedule and lifestyle. So should you choose a Bachelor of Science degree or an Associate of Science degree in Management? Or would a certificate program better suit your needs?

To explore the different degree levels, read more about what each program has to offer.

Associate of Science Degree in Business

The Associate of Science degree program in Business is designed to arm you with the fundamental knowledge you need to pursue opportunities in the business world. During your course of study, you’ll expand your leadership, communication, and analytical skills by applying them within practical situations. You will also cover how ethics and technology affect business practices.

A major advantage of a business associate degree is the length of the program. Associate’s degrees typically take around two years to achieve, while some programs can be completed in as little as 20 months. This shorter length makes associate’s degree programs less expensive than bachelor’s degree programs, but the downside is that they aren’t as comprehensive.

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Bachelor of Science Degree in Business

If the Associate of Science Business degree offers a solid overview of the business industry, then the Bachelor of Science degree presents a more in-depth course of study. Just as you would in the associate’s degree program, you can develop industry skills and expand your knowledge of business practices, techniques, and technology. But the longer length of the bachelor’s degree program gives you more opportunity to expand your business skills and experience.

On the other hand, the typically four-year Bachelor’s Business degree program means higher tuition costs and a longer wait before you can pursue professional opportunities. Choosing a Bachelor of Science in Business is a better choice, however, if you want to prepare for future advancement opportunities in the field that typically require advanced degrees.

Certificate Programs in Business

Choosing between an associate’s and a bachelor’s degree program in business largely depends on how much preparation you want for your future career, while a certificate program can help if you want more immediate entry into the professional world. Some schools like University of the Potomac offer short-term general or advanced certificate programs that are designed to sharpen your skills quickly. Achieving a certificate is the perfect path if you want to prepare for entry level jobs or seek advancement opportunities in your current position.

If you’d like to boost your credentials by getting a certificate, you can choose from certificate programs in general business or project management.