Professor Sergio Andronikov, MBA, PhD

Faculty Member

About Professor Andronikov

Dr. Sergei Andronikov has over 30 years of academic experience serving as an Academic Administrator, business professor and researcher in the universities in S-E Asia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and three different states in the US, also administering Business Programs including MBA/EMBA and Executive Education. Twice he was awarded with Royal Society Fellowship, UK.

For over ten years he served at George Mason University as a professor, department Chair, associate Director of Executive Business education, and lastly the Executive Director of International Programs and Initiatives at the Provost Office, during which time he advised top university administration on international trends and opportunities, built international relationships and successfully developed the Innovative Global Academic Business Dual Degree Program. Dr. Andronikov’s latest administrative and scholarly assignment was the Dean of Academics at UOTP, an Associate Chief Academic Officer and a Dean of the School of Business at ACCT. Dr. Andronikov is also a pioneer in developing innovative Geospatial Business Intelligence Programs within academic and executive business professional environment. He championed three Geospatial Business Intelligence Centers within local government, businesses, for-profits and academics, generating more than $1,000,000 revenue annually in multiple startup GIS-related projects; secured financial support for GIS Operations from over 30 agencies, including ESRI, World Bank, USAID, NATO, the Royal Society and US state/federal governments; have averaged 250%+ annual return on GIS project investments. As a Professor, Dr. Andronikov taught a broad range of Graduate and Undergraduate Business courses, focusing on Executive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Dynamic and Decision Making as well as courses on application of Geospatial technology to Business. As a Researcher participated in national/international projects, applied multivariate geostatistics, SAS Analytics and computer modeling to Spatial variability and business dynamics.

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