Professor Mohamed K. Kamara, PhD

Faculty member

Professor Mohamed K. Kamara earned his Ph.D. degree in Information Technology Security and Assurance from (George Mason University -coursework and Walden University – dissertation research work) in 2013, MSc. honor’s degree in Computer and Network Technology (Strayer University) in 2004 and BSc. honor’s degree (Stavanger University – Norway) in Telecommunications Engineering in 1993. He earned diplomas in electronics, software engineering, computer hardware technology and networking from respectable poly-technique institutions.

Dr. Kamara has over 20 years of teaching experience, both on campus and online (undergraduate and graduate) Computer Science, Cyber Security, Information Technology and Mathematics course from notable Universities; notably Webster University, the University of District of Columbia, the University of the Potomac, Stratford University and American College of Commerce and Technology. While at Stratford, he developed the graduate telecommunications’ curriculum and at American College of Commerce and Technology, he was the chairman of the graduate council, presided over the accreditation committee for ABET and developed the Computer and Information Sciences Undergraduate Program.

In addition to his teaching experience, Dr. Kamara has several years of professional hands-on field work experience in the IT industry. He worked in all levels of IT from help desk, network administration, IT security coordinator to Project Management. He has a deep knowledge and hands-on experience in researching, developing, analyzing and implementing new software modules and hardware devices.

Dr. Kamara had won two awards for community building in higher education and is an author of three books:
1) The Implications of Internet Usage- 2013
2) The impacts of Cognitive Theory on Human and Computer Science Development – 2016
3) Securing Critical Infrastructures – 2020
Research Area: Cloud Computing Security Violations conceptual control using Mathematical Modeling and Complex Analysis of Software Module (Java Applet)