Professor Ronda Williams

Faculty Member

Professor Ronda Williams professional background is one of increasing responsibility and achievement in a variety of critical positions. Recognized for her communication, collaboration and problem-solving skills, she has excelled in positions requiring strategic planning, exceptional client relationship management and serves as a subject matter expert resource in technology, training and organizational development to Private Industry Executives and Federal government officials. Professor Williams has benefited numerous organizations with a personal and professional dedication to excellence, and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure success.

In the field of higher education, she has taught multiple courses in Business, Management, Information Technology, Criminal Justice and Healthcare Administration for a period of 14 years online and on ground.
Professor Williams brings an entrepreneurial mindset to the classroom environment. Additionally, she utilizes a variety of teaching styles and methods to accommodate the diverse learning styles of students. She employs lectures, group interactions, and task-focus activities, which blends toward a facilitator-counselor-personal model teaching style