There can be a lot of confusion for prospective students looking at obtaining a Masters in Business Administration versus other masters degrees. For example, does one take the GRE or GMAT to get into an MBA program? Here’s the top 5 FAQ for MBA candidates to help you understand the process.

Do you need a GMAT score for an MBA online degree?

At the University of the Potomac, a GMAT score is not required for admission. However, it is recommended, especially if the candidate has a bachelor’s degree outside a business-related field and lack prerequisite classes in economics, business or finance. The GMAT score can help us understand your potential and drive for an MBA.

How long does it take to complete an MBA degree?

Through the University of the Potomac, our students typically finish their MBA within 2 years. Most graduate programs follow this timeline as well.

What kinds of fields can one enter with an MBA?

An MBA can open the door to many fields, including but not limited to: health/hospital, legal/law offices, international and domestic business, public policy, finance, IT fields, management/human resources, and more. Many students combine the skills they learn and work in various fields through their careers, and others might concentrate their degree to work in specific fields.

Do I need TOEFL or IELTS scores as an international student?

Yes. For most universities, including ours, your TOEFL score, IELTS score, or other forms of proof for English language proficiency is needed to help you succeed in our English-language classes.

What’s the return value of an MBA?

Anyone who enrolls and completes an MBA degree on average will see a 90% increase in their pay when compared to their pre-MBA pay scale. Therefore, an MBA does have great value, will raise your salary on average, and give you a return sooner in your career, rather than later.

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Getting an MBA can be a great way to jump-start or improve your career. To better understand our admission process, contact us.

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