Department of Student and Retention Services

The Department of Student and Retention Services focuses on student success and ensuring a quality educational experience at University of the Potomac. Collaboratively working with students, faculty, community members, administration, and staff to create a culture that challenges students intellectually and supports them academically while enhancing their personal discovery, learning and engagement.

Student and Retention Services departments promote efforts to achieve educational equity and multiculturalism. It strives to improve retention and graduation rates of Potomac students while empowering them to develop skills that assist them in making effective career decisions and help them achieve personal and professional success.

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Career Development Services (CDS)

  • Resume preparation
  • Interviewing skills
  • Job search techniques
  • Business Etiquette
  • Networking

Check our event calendar or contact our office for an appointment.

Student Advising

International Student Advising: [email protected]

Military Students: [email protected]

Financial Aid: [email protected]

Academic: [email protected] 

Personal Counseling: University of the Potomac does not offer personal or psychological counseling. Students who express a need for such services are referred to appropriate community resources through Student Services. Contact Student Services at [email protected].


April 2021

Throughout the year, the Office of Student and Retention Services host multiple on campus and off-campus events. Participation in these events can expand your horizons, deepen your interests, and connect you with new people.

Academic Integrity and Ethics

The goal of the Academic Integrity and Ethics Policy is to define what constitutes appropriate research and reporting methodologies in the academic community and to provide assurance that each student is able to work in an atmosphere free of intellectual dishonesty. Breaches of the Academic Integrity and Ethics Policy are considered serious violations of trust and may result in censure, course failure and/or dismissal from the University.

Campus Security Policy and Student Right-to-Know

Reporting an incident:

Any person who experiences an incident on campus or who is aware of an incident that has occurred is strongly encouraged to submit a report to the Student Services. The report can be submitted via email to [email protected] . Students can also request an appointment to talk to someone about an incident.

Campus Security Policy and Student Right-to-Know University of the Potomac is committed to providing a safe environment in which students can learn and staff can work. Check out UTOP Annual Campus Security Report

For complete policies and more information, check the Academic Catalog and Student Handbook.