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Student Satisfaction
1 %
Retention rate
1 %
Graduation rate (Bachelor)
1 %
Student-to-Faculty Ratio
Undergraduate over age 25

Honors, Dean’s, and President’s Lists

These lists are computed twice yearly, in the spring at the end of the third session, and in the fall, at the end of the sixth session. Students must have completed at least 18 credits during the previous three sessions. Students who have incomplete grades are not eligible for these honors.

  • Students with grade point averages of 3.5 to 3.74 are placed on the Honors List.
  • Students with grade point average of 3.75 to 3.99 are placed on the Dean’s List.
  • Students with grade point averages of 4.00 are placed on the President’s List.

GPAs are calculated for the courses taken during the previous three sessions. They are not cumulative grade averages. A new group of honors students is determined at the end of each six-month period.

We are proud of our President’s, Dean’s, and Honors List students for the 2023 academic year:

Bachelor’s Programs
Aneeb Ali Amrita Acharya Abdul Adnan Mohammed
Wesley Argo Sujan Adhikari Tamika Benjamin
Anita Bisunke Favour Afoekelu Bhumi Chaudhary
Jovelyn Fox Sayma Akter Bablu Chaudhary
Ann Herring Amarbold Altankhuyag Jenisha Dave
Nilay Khandelwal Harley Bate Agbor Suvdaa Dawagiv
Obaidullah Aamir Mohammad Becki Behn-link Luce Stephane Fabre
Genesis Beatriz Muniz Avila Batzaya Byambasuren Maria Fuentes
Asmita Neupane Sekou Camara Sindy Garcia
Phuc Nguyen Peniel Christian Elis Gezer
Thalita Santana Alberto Corchado Ava-Dawn Goldson
Mariatu Davies Roger Doku Maunata Gurung
Rashika Shrestha Connor Duggan Thanh Tin Huynh
Jaskaran Singh Omar Escobar-Narvaez Isaura Jaquez
Arjun Singh Michael Graham Maria Justiniano Castedo
Katharine Whitlock Carmen Grijalba Rashmi Khadka
Amber Harrison Tanaia Lewis
Tyler Houston Mmapula Makwala
Michael Irwin Krishma Maharjan
LaCresha Jones Manthan Panchal
Tory-Lyn Katz Idrissa Salifou
Melissa Khim Gulam Syed
Humna Khowaja Tharani Jaqueline Ventura
Chitra Madhu
Tapinder Mangat
Brian Myers
Yojana Neupane
Tanya Nittolo
Parth Patel
Victorana Ramsay-Bailey
Amandeep Singh
Karla Sosa Hernandez
Ravi Thakur
Syed Zaidi
Syeda Zaidi

Student Spotlight

Yojana Neupane

Yojana Neupane is a cybersecurity enthusiast and a student at University of the Potomac, where she is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in information technology with a concentration in cybersecurity.

Yojana has volunteered in Kids Garden Montessori School, where she organized various engaging events for the young participants, including guiding students toward their academic goals. She has also participated in the Blood Donation Program, contributing to community welfare and showcasing a strong sense of social responsibility, and volunteered for the Asian American Chamber of Conference, showcasing dedication to community engagement beyond educational settings. Yojana has been recognized with the prestigious President’s List Award at University of the Potomac for achieving a 4.00 GPA.

Yojana is eager to learn and apply her skills in the dynamic and challenging world of cybersecurity, where she can make a positive impact and contribute to the security and resilience of digital environments.

Tergel Galdandagva

Tergel Galdandagva is currently excelling in her pursuit of a Master’s degree in MBA – International Business at the University of the Potomac, where she has maintained an impressive 4.0 GPA. Tergel’s dedication to her studies and her passion for making a significant impact in the global community have been recognized by the U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, Mr. Richard Buangan, who congratulated her on completing her first year at the university. This acknowledgment from a prominent diplomat highlights Tergel’s exceptional commitment and potential in international relations. Throughout her academic journey, Tergel has developed valuable skills that integrate academic knowledge with practical applications. As a Front Desk Specialist at the University of the Potomac, she has demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication abilities, contributing significantly to the university’s community. Further extending her impact, Tergel also tutors students in the ESL program, reflecting her commitment to educational enrichment and cross-cultural communication. Tergel’s academic and professional experiences, endorsed by the recognition from Ambassador Mr. Richard Buangan, underscore her belief in the transformative power of education. Her commitment to using her knowledge, skills, and critical thinking to positively contribute to communities around the world is a testament to her potential to be a significant figure in the realm of international business and education.

Fiola Castelino

Fiola was born and raised in Muscat, Oman. She has always dreamed of studying abroad, especially in the U.S. Fiola graduated high school with a specialization in the commerce/business field. However, when it came down to choosing a college, she changed her major to the Arts. She said it was the best decision of her life as she was able to transfer to New York for the final year of her bachelor’s degree. She can proudly say she graduated with cum laude honors at the beginning of the pandemic (May 2020). After moving a little around the U.S., she settled in Virginia and decided it was time to get her Master’s degree. Once again, she was back in the business world pursuing an MBA degree but she kept a part of her interest in the Arts, so she chose to specialize in the Human Resources Management field. Fiola told us that University of the Potomac was not her first choice but it was definitely the best choice she made. Soon, she got her dream job at a well-known Satellite company and was given the opportunity to participate in the Executive MBA residential program. She felt honored to be the youngest student in the program and at work. She couldn’t have been more proud and grateful to be here at UOTP. Her advice to all current and future students is to start networking at the
very beginning of their career/university, never settle for less, and always strive to make their dreams come true.

Ahmed Yousef Alshanta

Ahmed Yousef Alshanta, MBA, is an Assistant Education and Cultural Attaché at the Embassy of Libya in Washington, D.C. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (B.E.) with distinction from the University of Surrey, UK, and an MBA with a concentration in international business from University of the Potomac.

Mr. Alshanta was one of the youngest leaders to have served as a chief international cooperation officer at the Ministry of Education in Libya, working closely with UNDP,  USAID, and foreign embassies to Libya.

He is pursuing a career in international development with an interest in climate change, sustainability, and international government policy. Mr. Alshanta is also planning to seek a doctorate degree.

When he is not busy following current affairs, especially the U.S.-Libya relations and North Africa and the Arab countries climate and sustainability news, he enjoys swimming, soccer,and hiking.

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