Oksana Malysheva

Board Member

About Oksana Malysheva

Oksana Malysheva is an investor, entrepreneur and business executive based in Austin, TX.

She champions the development of innovative, sustainable, world-changing companies. Committed to igniting and fueling social innovation solutions, Dr. Malysheva’s mission is creating positive social change through education, technology and innovation. Dr. Malysheva previously held top strategic roles at McKinsey and Motorola. Trained as a PhD physicist, Dr. Malysheva brings scientific inquisitiveness, lateral thinking and mastery of insight through data to all of her business endeavors.
CEO and Partner @sputnikATX  VC | mother of 2 amazing humans | Working my hardest to help people and companies be their best selves|#sheleads #womenvc #investing