Do you struggle to meet deadlines at work? Is your boss difficult to get along with? Does your coworker sometimes seem to be speaking a different language?

Learn how you can improve your business communication, time management, and conflict-resolution skills with online business courses from the University of the Potomac. A recent study found that 60 percent of business managers identified soft skills like these as the most important quality in evaluating an employee’s performance.

Learn the skills you need to advance in your career at The Potomac Workforce Training & Development Center. Ask your employer about enrolling in one of these programs today.

Principles of Time Management

In this fast-paced world, time often seems like a precious commodity. With this five-week course, you’ll explore different approaches to managing time and organizing your schedule to find the time management system that is just right for you. Learn to prioritize what you need to do while allowing time for the things you want to do with Principles of Time Management.

Professional Communication

Learn the key components of business communication and ways to improve your own communication skills with a three-week course in Professional Communication. Topics include communication issues, major communications theories, communication ethics, and how to create a communications plan for your organization. Students leave with new skills that prepare them to respond to different communication styles and address miscommunications common in the workplace.

Personality Types Among Us

Discover how your own personality affects the way you think and work with Personality Types Among Us. This three-week course will teach you personality theories and how to identify personality types for each theory. Students will also learn how to work with personality styles different from their own using communication and motivational tools that can be applied in both work and personal relationships.

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