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Dear University of the Potomac Students:

I hope you and your families remain safe and healthy.  I appreciate your flexibility and patience always, and particularly now during this time of crisis.  I know that many of you are speaking directly with your families about the uncertainty facing how to effectively manage the financial implications of this crisis and I wanted you all to know the University of the Potomac hears your concerns.

Planning for the long-term future of our University and continuing to develop new ways to service our student body remains at the forefront of activities for the Leadership Team – we all recognize that the future probably will look different from the past, and it is reasonable to have concerns about that.  Our team has risen to the challenge of this crisis – creating new ways of serving our student body, displaying empathy to the many students who have had major negative impacts due to this pandemic, and helping our student body with distribution of much needed supplies to continue to serve our communities.

I wanted to update you on the limited resources the University of the Potomac has secured through qualifying for CARES Act funding as part of the governmental relief efforts.  Recognizing that this is a stressful time for many, the University of the Potomac has begun the process of accepting application requests for financial assistance for the following impacted areas:

  • Course Material
  • Utilities
  • Housing
  • Technology (laptop/hotspot)
  • Other

Students interested in submitting a request must do so by completing the attached request form.  To qualify for this assistance, students must be in good standing with the University, and assistance cannot be used for tuition. Please submit your completed request to Student Services ([email protected])

I speak for the entire Leadership Team when I share that we feel keenly the need to ensure our student body is supported throughout this time and always.


Lachelle Matthews

Dean of Student and Retention Services


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