Professor Abraham Zeyohannis, PhD

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About Professor Zeyohannis

Dr. Sergei Andronikov has over 30 years of academic experience serving as an Academic Administrator, business professor and researcher in the universities in S-E Asia, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and three different states in the US, also administering Business Programs including MBA/EMBA and Executive Education. Twice he was awarded with Royal Society Fellowship, UK.

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My name is Abraham Zeyohannis, and I am originally from Ethiopia. I came to the United Sates in 1987. I finished my first degree at San Diego at National University. Later on, I completed my post graduate in Management of Information Technology at University of Maryland Baltimore County, and my Doctor of Management in Information Technology at University of Maryland College Park.

I have worked in the IT business since I got my undergraduate degree. One of the benefits of expertise in information technology is it’s broad application, which opens opportunities to gain experience in different industries. Accordingly, I have worked in diverse businesses including: healthcare, retail, financial institutions, electronics manufacturing, consulting businesses, and currently in public sector for the federal government. Additionally, I have taught as adjunct professor at NOVA for two years, and here at the University Of The Potomac for the last six years.

Personally, I leave in northern Virginia with my wife, two daughters, and dog (Chi Wawa). Actually, my older daughter has recently moved to Nebraska for college. I like visual art specially drawing and painting which I practice when I have time. I have attached (below) two that I have close by right now. I will post more of my doodles and scribbles in the future for your pleasure. Additionally, I like to exercise at local gym where I practice aerobics, some resistance training and swimming.
Other than my full-time job, I have been teaching part-time for over seven years. I like teaching because it gives me the opportunity to help others and share my passion for learning. I like to help others learn new things as I enjoy the experience myself.

Contact Information:
Email Address: [email protected]
Phone#: (703) 772-9693

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