higher education trends and innovationsThe classroom is always changing as new research and techniques become mainstream.  One of the higher education trends and innovations that has taken root in the 21st century learning environment is known as “flipping.”  What is flipping your classroom and what benefits would your students see?

Simply put, flipping a classroom is an instructional design that allows for students to do much of the lecture before class and in turn allows in-class time to be more focused on deeper learning activities.  This model does require some set-up in the beginning on the part of professors, but there are many technology tools that can assist you in creating lessons for your students to view at home.  One of the easiest to use is Office Mix.

This new add-on to Microsoft PowerPoint, available at https://mix.office.com, allows you to take your current PowerPoint presentations and add narration, video, and evaluation tools.  This option allows you to use presentations that you have already created and turn them into instruction that you can view from home.  Once you have created your Mix, Office Mix then saves your presentation to an online cloud that is moderated under your Microsoft account.  After your Mix is saved, you will be given a link to share with your students either through your LMS or email account.  Yet this is not your only option for saving your presentation.  Office Mix also gives you the option to save your presentation as an MP4; however, if you choose to save in this manner any interactive elements, such as the evaluation tools, will not be available.  You will basically have a video to share with your students.

What are the student benefits to a flipped model of teaching?  Well, one of the most obvious benefits for your students is the accessibility of the content.  In the traditional “sage on the stage” model of teaching students are only exposed to the critical content once, during class, but by providing them with an electronic version of your lecture students can revisit any of the content they find difficult.  This means that your in-class time can be better spent by addressing student concerns, which can be easily identified through the use of evaluation tools, and participating in deeper learning or hands-on activities that relate to the content delivered beforehand.  The result is a innovative way to foster student success.

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