Hello UOTP Students,

I hope you had a restful weekend and are taking the necessary precautions to keep you and those around you safe from COVID-19. As you are all aware the University has moved to a 100% online environment for all campuses starting today, Monday, March 23, 2020 until Sunday, April 26, 2020. To ensure instructional continuity of your degree program several items have been put in place to ensure your continued success. First, you will be required to attend synchronous online sessions for 1.5 hours at the beginning start time for all of your classes. The remainder of your time will be spent completing your course readings and assignments.

For instance, if your course met from 6p-8p you will participate in a web conference with your professor and class from 6p-7:30p. Your professor will send you a calendar invite with the link to join the Google Hangouts. You must have a webcam on your PD or join via your Smartphone. PCs are preferred over Macs because of compatibility related issues. Please find below some other important information that will assist you as you work in the online environment.

1) Student Engagement and Persistence: UOTP’s transition to an online environment has occurred to ensure your health and safety is protected during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is important that you focus on the reason you enrolled with us here at UOTP. Working on your degree online is not an easy feat and please take this time to “buckle down” and focus on your coursework. Do not use this time as a vacation, or to do just enough to try to get by. You are all talented scholars working in rigorous programs to assist you in achieving your career goals. Please complete your readings, all assignments, and remain fully engaged in the online environment to ensure your continued success.

2) Google Hangouts Lecture and Attendance: Again, as a reminder faculty will conduct a Google Hangouts lecture for 1.5 hours at the beginning of your regularly scheduled class time(s). Students are required to attend. Attendance and participation points will be calculated based upon you logging in and actively engaging with your professor and class. You must read your textbooks and complete all assignments assigned to you by your professor.

ESL students (only), please remember that you will have 2 Google Hangouts if your class normally meets in the morning and afternoon. Your morning session will occur for 1.5 hours during the time of your normal schedule. Your second session will occur during the regular time after your afternoon break/lunch for 1.5 hours.

All students it is important to note that your attendance and participation credit is captured based on your involvement in the course, for instance, (Bachelor and Master programs) this includes student involvement and completing work (Google Hangouts+Moodle), for ESL students this includes (Google Hangouts+Assignments Submitted Directly to Your Faculty Member).

3) Moodle- all Bachelor and Master students will work completely online using their Moodle course. All assignments will be posted to Moodle and a second level of attendance will be captured from your completion of your online work in Moodle and attending your Google Hangout sessions. We will closely monitor your work online to ensure that you are meeting the learning outcomes for your course. ESL students will not use Moodle, instead you will use Google Hangouts and submit your assignments via email or Google Classrooms. Your instructor will provide you the method of assignment submissions.

4) IT Assistance: If you have any information technology-related questions, please reach out to the Department of Information Technology at: helpdesk@potomac.edu

5) Communications: If you need to communicate with your professor please email him/her to request the preferred method by the instructor. All instructors will be available via email and Google Hangouts for one-on-one appointments and questions. Other instructors may have a phone number where you can reach them. Please contact your instructor directly to discuss the communications protocol for his/her course.

6) Online Learning Strategies- attached to this email as an article about online learning strategies. We encourage you to read it and apply its techniques.

We are working around the clock to support you in this online environment as we have previously assisted in the in-person ESL, hybrid and 100% online degree students. Please reach out to your instructor first with questions and to problem solve. If you need additional support, the following offices are here to assist you as well. Their contact information can be found below.

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DC, VA/Online students: If you have any questions, please call the DC campus at 202-274-2300 or email the Office of Student & Retention Services at studentservices@potomac.edu

DC/VA/Online- Office of the Registrar: registrar@potomac.edu

DC/VA/Online- Office of Student Financial Services: collections@potomac.edu


Chicago students: If you have any questions, please call the Chicago campus at 773-866-0111 or email the Office of Student & Retention Services at il.studentservices@potomac.edu

Chicago Office of the Registrar: ezella.montgomery@potomac.edu

Chicago- Office of Student Financial Services: rosanna.depinto@potomac.edu

Dr. Tony D. Johnson

Provost and Chief Academic Officer 

Office of the President