LAST DAY TO APPLY FOR LOA (12A) SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 UOTP Safe Reopening Plan-COVID19 Pandemic Fall 2020

At the all student meeting on July 17, 2014, President Clinton Gardner and Interim Chief Academic Officer Richard Resch described forthcoming changes to Potomac’s academic calendar beginning with session 4C on July 28, 2014. Session 4C will be a transitional session compressed from eight weeks to four weeks and will be the last of the University’s C sessions. All continuing students will be in A sessions beginning with session 5A on August 25, 2014. The calendar for sessions 5A and 6A will remain as currently established. There is no change for students already in A sessions.

At the link below is the Schedule of Classes that will be offered on each campus and online for the transitional session 4C. Students already registered for session 4C will need to change their registration to one of the listed courses.



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