MBA Degree by the Numbers It adds up to FulfillmentMBA degree by the numbers is a concept that lends itself well to the realm of business education.

For one thing, the MBA program at The University of the Potomac is about as flexible as a university curriculum can be, while retaining all the quality necessary in today’s complex and emerging world.

Let’s look at a few scenarios.

Sign up for a Full MBA Program, and choose from a robust menu of Business studies. This knowledge can be gleaned from a traditional campus in Washington DC, or Vienna, Virginia.

Looking for extra value for a busy schedule? You can take your classes online as well. This expands your opportunity to give you an exact match for a busy schedule, and makes it possible to accommodate any number of life events that would disrupt a more traditional format.

  • Begin your career concept with a full MBA core of courses to give you a command of your field.
  • Add a degree concentration that hones the finer points of your targeted future.
  • Then sum it all up with a flexible format to give you maximum opportunity.

For example, take 24 credits in the MBA Degree courses that we offer in Business Ethics. Then choose a degree concentration with 12 credits in Project Management.

With the structure that we offer, you can make powerful connections in the nation’s capitol, and as your goal is coming nearer to reality, you can actually move your base of operations to projects that are ongoing in the real world to give you a perspective that many employers will find intriguing.

You may be able to increase your odds at your dream job by using this program as a marketing technique to display your intense interest in a particular company or a particular position at your existing company, thereby generating some tuition assistance. Let us help you plot that course.

With seven groups of core courses ranging from Managerial Accounting to Human Resources & Organizational Behavior, that gives you a lot of starting points. With ten areas of degree concentration, including Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Legal Studies, and more, this gives you a chance to accumulate a tailor-made set of skills for your career with industry and global leaders.

If you already have a bachelor’s degree, we can make your MBA easier to finish. Non-business majors will be required to take core management courses in just three key areas, and those with a business bachelors will have a streamlined experience getting their MBA.

According to a study conducted by Jeffrey S. Bailey, Ph.D. at Walden University, and Larry V Flegle, D.B.A., of the American Public University System, the value of online MBA’s is rising in the minds of that essential group, hiring managers:

“This research identified accreditation, school recognition, group interaction, real life scenarios, and group projects as factors that influenced a hiring manager’s perception of value for an online MBA. This research indicated that the acceptance of online degrees has improved.”

And what about the value of the MBA itself, is it losing prestige in the mind of the managers?

John A. Byrne, writing for Poets and Quants states that an MBA is still a lucrative career choice:

“MBA alumni who were 24 or under when they started their degree reported that their salary increased by nearly $69,000, up 145% over their pre-MBA pay.”

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The general trend is  that the younger you start, the greater the percentage increase, but that is partly because the older candidate has a higher salary to begin with. In any case, a number-crunch will reveal the trend that an MBA is a value-packed asset, and that the online option increases your flexibility if received from an accredited institution.

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