Online Studies for a Project Management Certificate Open Doors for Recent High School GraduatesProject management is an art as much as it is a science. In addition to leading teams and overseeing expenditures while meeting deadlines, you are responsible for the definition of benchmarks. Online studies make it possible to prepare for this type of career.

Earning a Bachelor of Science in Business with a Project Management Emphasis

When you are at the point in your life that you give serious consideration to a degree in business, you can hone your project management expertise with the election of five courses. They are designed to deepen your understanding of the field and prepare you for the Project Management Professional (PMP) certification examination. Yet what happens when you are just starting out in your career and do not want to spend the time it takes to finish 120 credits?

Online Studies Make a Project Management Certificate Possible

Eighteen credits, or six courses, give you the vocational training needed to apply for entry-level positions in the project management field. This is an ideal option for the recent high school graduate who is uncertain about the career she or he would like to commit to with a professional degree. Earning the certificate provides needed professional skills that open the doors to a business career.

Coursework provides training in decision-making, project management tasks and processes, business analysis, and consulting. Since the material is designed to provide you with in-demand skills that prepare you for tomorrow’s job market, you get an immediate taste of the field’s requirements and potential for job satisfaction. Available at a fraction of the cost that you would associate with a business degree, this is a sound financial move for the recent high school graduate with an eye on test-driving a career before committing to it.

Certificates Further Careers by Fulfilling Four Basic Functions

Of course, the decision of studying online for a project management certificate, or any other certificate for that matter, is not just something that recent high school graduates can benefit from. There are four functions that these certificate programs fulfill, which make them suitable for a broad range of students from all age groups.

  1. An increase in earning potential. For the professional who already has a job in this or a related field, the decision to add formal training to experience can result in a higher earning potential.
  2. Career advancement possibilities. If you realize that the certificate program fills a knowledge gap between what you do right now and what is required by your employer for the next level on the career track, you position yourself well with formalized training.
  3. Lateral move opportunities. Moving from one division to another may be a lot easier when you present yourself to the hiring manager with a certificate that underscores your training. Add this to your experience with the company and your reputation of being a hard worker, and the certificate can open doors that would ordinarily be closed.
  4. Quick training at a good price. Pursuing a certificate gets you a set of marketable skills quickly. Since costs are low, you can complete the program and graduate without a lot of debt.

A Word to Our Associate Degree in Business Students

The 60-credit degree program qualifies you for positions such as a quality assurance associate, international relocation manager or a management trainee. When you add the specialization that the Project Management Certificate offers, you show prospective employers that you are ready to be an asset to the business in more ways than others with a similar degree. It is never too early, or too late, to add a focus to your business studies. The investment of time is well worth it as your formal training qualifies you for tasks and jobs that are closed to other applicants with a similar education. Contact us today to learn more about this exciting opportunity.

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