Notice of Labor Condition Application

The University of the Potomac is seeking to employ one H-1B nonimmigrant in the occupational
classification of “Accountants and Auditors.” The wage range for this position is $58,822 to
per year. The period of employment covered by this application will be from August 15th, 2020 to August 14th, 2023. The location of the employment is 1401 H Street NW, Suite 100, Washington, DC 20005 and the labor condition application is available for inspection at that address.

Complaints alleging misrepresentation of material facts in the labor condition application and/or failure to comply with the terms of the labor condition application may be filed with any office of the Wage and Hour Division of the United States Department of Labor.


I certify that one copy of this notice was posted from April 27, 2020, to May 6, 2020, in each of the following locations at our place of business.

1. 1401 H Street, NW Washington, DC 20005
2. 7799 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22043

Name: Andrea Ford

Title: Chief Operating Officer
Date: April 27, 2020


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