By Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, CEO, University of the Potomac

If you have read my prior posts, you may have noted that I have two children in high school.  One of the things their father and I have agreed on from day one is that we want the kids to go to college.  I imagine nearly every parent wants the same thing.  That is why we work with them night after night on homework and preparing for test and quizzes.

We hope our children choose to go to college.  Many kids don’t think they even have that choice because one of the number one predictors of whether a child will go to college and succeed is if their parents went to college.

That isn’t to say that there are never any first generation collegians – there are.  But it just makes it a bit harder to blaze the trail.  At University of the Potomac I talk to lots of those first generation collegians but they aren’t teenagers navigating college for the first time.  They are adults going back to school. And they usually have a couple of reasons for trying to tackle the rigors of college along with a job and family – they want a better career and they want to set the right example for their kids.

One University of the Potomacstudent told me that she had to do her studies late at night after her kids went to bed, but it was worth it.  “I am going to make a better life for them and they will see that college is something that our family can do.  It just takes hard work and perseverance. “  Brava Mom!

If you think you can’t do it, think again.  It won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  If for no other reason than to hear your son or daughter cheer as you cross the stage and move the tassel as a symbol of your graduation.  Ah, I can hear the familiar refrain of Pomp and Circumstance now…