What the World Wants to Study:

What the World Wants to Study:

Graduating from high school and starting college is a huge milestone. Questions you might not have the answers to come at you from all sides. Where do you want to study? What degree do you plan to pursue? What are your plans for a major? What kind of job will you get? It can be overwhelming, and we understand your concerns.

However, it is important to remember that college is not only for people who have everything figured out but also for those willing to go through a transformative experience. The University of the Potomac encourages all students to follow their academic journey to their intended career path.

To help you decide on the degree you want to pursue, we’ve trawled through the google search volume for 181 degrees worldwide and created a map that showcases the most searched degrees in each country.

Key Takeaways

  • According to the data gathered on the most searched degrees worldwide, nursing is the most popular choice, followed by business administration degree and law degree.
  • The British people searched for “psychology degrees” more than for any other degree during the previous 12 months.
  • In India, the most popular degree is English, likely because of the expanding nature of the field.
  • Countries like the US, Israel, Jamaica, Greece, Belgium, and Uganda have higher interest in computer science degrees than other nations, probably as a result of the industry’s rising employment demands and earnings.
  • Psychology, business, and computer science degrees have topped our rankings as the most searched degrees to study in California, New York, Washington, and 30 other states of the US.
  • Education degree is the most popular degree among 24 countries, including China, Brazil, Russia, the Philippines, Germany, Argentina, and others

The importance of having a college degree is increasing daily, as it is a crucial requirement for success in today’s market. Obtaining a degree can have a significant and far-reaching effect on your life. And while it benefits you, it can also impact your family—and, why not—the world.

With that being said, picking the right one is highly significant. While following the footsteps of others can be a smart move when it comes to choosing your degree, your aspirations and the kind of career you want are ultimately at the heart of this decision. Below you can find out what degrees people worldwide searched for the most.

According to the data gathered on the most searched degrees worldwide, nursing is the most popular choice, followed by a business administration degree and a law degree. These three programs likely attract a large number of students due to their practical and in-demand nature, as well as the diverse career opportunities they can provide.

Nursing degree

Business administration degree

Law degree

When it comes to specific countries, The United States and the United Kingdom have some of the highest-ranking universities globally, so it’s no surprise they top the list for the most searched degree volumes.With famous universities like Harvard and Stanford University based in the US, the business degree was the highest search degree by US students reaching a search volume of 22.200.


Meanwhile, as evident from the map above, psychology, law, and nursing degrees stand out as preferred options for UK students, with the country also offering various college choices. A psychology degree will provide a solid start to career paths such as a psychologist, social worker, human resources specialist, and more. Such careers are incredibly persuasive due to their annual income, which goes up to £55k per year.

Moreover, having the 6th highest employment rate, a law degree is the best choice for anyone interested in having a legal profession. Data shows that besides the UK, students living in Spain, Japan, and Switzerland are also searching for law degrees. Through such a degree, you will earn, on average, up to £107k annually.

In addition, India has also topped our list, with English being the most searched degree in this country. Holding such a degree in India means you are expected to earn up to ₹446k per year, especially with media and communication occupations expanding over the next ten years. The English degree is also popular in Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Morocco, Uzbekistan, and Hungary.

The Top College Degrees in the US

With its diverse cultures, endless university and degree choices, dynamic lifestyles, and never sleeping cities, the United States is known for its ideal college life. If you are a student planning to continue your education in the US, you are in good company. In the 2020/21 academic year, 16 million American students choose the States as a destination to pursue their studies.

According to our study, psychology, business, and computer science degrees have topped our rankings as the most searched degrees to study in California, New York, Washington, and 30 other states of the US. But why are students searching for these degrees?

Earning any of these three degrees will broaden your employment options, improve your job market adaptability, and enhance your earning potential — not only in the long run but also in your early career.

With a psychology degree, you are expected to earn $81,040 annually in a growing industry that offers up to 14,100 openings yearly. According to data, a psychology degree is most prevalent in Texas, reaching a search volume of 2,400.

Moreover, because of the job demand and income of $65.000 per year, it is no surprise that the business degree is the most searched in the 30 US states, including California, New York, and Florida.

In addition, the computer science degree, which comes as the most popular in the west and midwest regions, has one of the highest paying jobs reaching an income of $131,490 per year. And with technology increasingly developing, the computer science job outlook is projected to grow by 21% (much faster than the average) in the next ten years.

Let’s look at the other popular degrees in the US.


Closing Thoughts

With so many university courses to choose from, picking what to study can be time-consuming; thus, it is never too early to start considering what degree you want to earn. You may feel stuck and indecisive due to fear or simple hesitation, but hopefully, this study prepared here at Potomac will help you narrow down your degree choices.


We examined worldwide Google search data to determine what degree the people of 100 nations are looking to study the most. 

We analyzed the average search volumes over a year-long term and ranked them by the most searched-to-study degree within each country. Furthermore, we also went through the data to determine the most searched degree among all the US states.

Please keep in mind

  • Not all countries provided enough search data to be featured; we only included countries with enough data to analyze.
  • Due to the sampling mechanism of Google, top results are subject to change.


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