By Dr. Laura Palmer Noone, CEO, University of the Potomac

This past week most Americans woke up to hear of a devastating mass murder in Aurora Colorado when a lone gunman entered a theater during the midnight showing of the new Batman film. 12 people were killed and many more injured.

In hearing one news report, the anchor indicated they thought it might have been pre-meditated. THOUGHT? Really? An individual has multiple guns, rounds of ammunition, dresses in costume on an opening night when it is well known that many people had been waiting in line in costume and we just THINK it might have been pre-meditated? I think that commentator needs a course or two in critical thinking.

Honestly, having been trained as a lawyer, I know that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that is the judicial system I support. In this case, there is probably a real question of sanity, but not much question of this being planned.

Such a senseless and unspeakable act of evil has become far too common in our society. We may never fully understand the mental state of the gunman – and frankly that may be too dark of a place for most of us to go. But as we ponder how this could have happened, let us not forget the victims. Our hearts and prayers go out to their families and friends.


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