Each one of us considers the career outlook when deciding on a degree as we would like to know what the future holds after graduation. You may be currently in the same situation, looking for the highest paying bachelor degrees, and for that, you have come to the right place. By the end of this article, you will know the highest paying jobs with a bachelor degree, and hopefully choose one of them.

10 Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees

Bachelor’s university grads are high in demand in today’s employment environment. With a bachelor’s degree, you will have better chances of getting a job, primarily if you compete with someone who has not pursued their degree. As for the income, that is more based on your career. Without further ado, let’s dive right into the ten highest-paying bachelor degrees and see which is more compatible with your goals.

Computer Science

The bachelor in computer science prepares you to plan, develop, design, and build hardware and software systems. In this program, you will learn about a variety of topics which are provided by the University of the Potomac, such as:

  • Data structure and analysis
  • Hardware architecture
  • Software algorithms
  • Image and signal processing

What can you do with a computer science degree?

After earning a bachelor’s degree in computer science, you willl be able to work basically anywhere, since the need for computer scientists is expected to rise, with BLS predicting a 22% growth between 2020 and 2030. Find below some professions you can get with a computer science degree and their average salaries in the U.S.:


In a bachelor’s degree in economics, you will learn how companies, individuals, and even countries decide to use their limited resources. Throughout this degree, you will learn about how interest rates are calculated and use that knowledge not only for companies that you work for but also for yourself.

What can you do with an economics degree?

Is a bachelor’s in economics in high demand in the U.S? It seems so, as BLS predicts a 13% growth from 2020 to 2030, which shows that it can be very beneficial to you if you were to pursue this path. Below we will mention some professions you can get with a bachelor’s in economics and their average salary.


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With a bachelor’s degree in nursing, you will gain knowledge and experience by focusing on patient care, clinical judgment, leadership, and physical assessments. Besides becoming a nurse with a bachelor’s degree, you have options for leadership positions which opens a door full of opportunities waiting for you after you graduate.

What can you do with a nursing degree?

Looking at the job outlook of employment for people with nursing degrees, we see that BLS projects a 9% increase from 2020 to 2030. Below you can find some job positions you can get and their average salaries in the U.S.:


A bachelor’s degree in finance teaches students how to use the theory and application of financial management, strategy, and analysis daily. With a finance degree, you are able to manage personal, business, and public finances.

What can you do with a finance degree?

Before talking about professions we can get with a finance degree, it is worth mentioning that BLS expects a 8% increase in employment from 2020 to 2030. Some positions and their average salaries in the U.S. are mentioned below.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineering focuses on electrical control systems by designing, developing, creating, and maintaining them. A bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering teaches you all there is to know about electronics, electromagnetism, and electrical applications.

What can you do with an electrical engineering degree?

Pursuing a path in electrical engineering seems very promising as BLS expects a 9% increase from 2020 to 2030. Now, let’s see below some positions you can get and their average salaries in the U.S.:


If you are a student interested in biomedical research, pharmaceuticals, and biotech companies, a pharmacy degree is the suitable choice for you. This program will teach you about biology, chemistry, and biochemistry, all related to drug attributes.

What can you do with a pharmacy degree?

The median annual salary for pharmacists in the U.S. is 128,570, which is favorable for those who already have this career. Unfortunately, a con of this degree is the job outlook, with BLS expecting a 2% decline in this decade. Some of the highest paying jobs a pharmacy degree provides are:

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Cognitive Sciences

Cognitive science is a field that focuses entirely on human behavior and intelligence while trying to figure out how information is processed, perceived, and transformed. Through this program, you will learn how the brain works, and how it adapts to changes as well as the nature of thoughts, memory, and perception.

What can you do with a cognitive sciences degree?

If you are considering pursuing a bachelor’s in cognitive sciences, here are some career paths you can follow along with their average salaries:

As for the job outlook, BLS expectations for each profession are:

  • Employment for professors is expected to increase by 10%
  • Employment for research analysts is expected to increase by 22%
  • Employment for therapists is projected to be increased by 8%
  • Employment for human resource coordinators is predicted to be increased by 10%


You will learn how to solve real problems in a mathematics degree while combining theory and abstract mathematics and applying them in practice. Some skills that you will gain from this degree include logic analysis, creative thinking, and problem-solving, which can benefit your future career.

What can you do with a mathematics degree?

The job outlook for this position is the highest, with BLS predicting a 33% increase from 2020 to 2030. Now, let’s see some professions and their salaries in the U.S.

Public Accounting

Public accounting is the second major field of accounting, where you will learn how to verify financial documents, reports, and disclosures for another company. As a public accountant, you can work for private businesses, agencies, or the government.

What can you do with a public accounting degree?

The job outlook will also likely rise for this position, with BLS expecting a growth rate of 7% from 2020 to 2030. Below we will mention some professions you can get and their salaries in the U.S.


Econometrics is a branch of economics. Econometrics aims to test economic ideas by confronting them with real-world data. In this degree, you will learn mathematics, statistics, and economic theory, which you will apply to measure and evaluate any data.

What can you do with an econometrics degree?

As the job outlook is similar to the economy, with BLS expecting a 13% increase from 2020 to 2030, we will be talking about some high paid professions you can get and their salaries.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the highest paying jobs with bachelor degree in the U.S. Each one of them has its roles, responsibilities, and benefits. It is up to you to decide which one of the programs you fit better as all of them have a bright future ahead.