interview skills and tipsWhen you are on the job search, you know that eventually you’ll be sitting down for the all important interview. But if you have never sat on the opposite side of the desk, you may not be aware that there are several questions that are illegal to ask.

While many people recognize that questions related to race, gender, nationality, religion, military status and age (usually 40 and older), or what are called “class protected” questions, are unacceptable and illegal, there are several others as well.

Here are 4 questions that you can not legally be asked in an interview:

“While you’re at work, who will be taking care of your children?”

Even if you and the interviewer talk about having children, a question like this could easily fall under a section of the law that prohibits employment decisions based on gender stereotypes.

An exception to this would be if a prospective employee volunteered that they could not work past 5, if the work was evening-related work.

“How did you get that scar/mark/any abnormality?” 

A question such as this violates the ADA’s rule on discrimination against those with disabilities, as well as those with perceived disabilities. Questions about a person’s physical characteristics are strictly prohibited.

A prospective employer, however, may ask what job functions you are able to perform related to the job.

“How often are you deployed for Military Reserve training?”

Employers are prohibited on making hiring decisions based on members of the military’s service, availability as a result of, or the status of their active duty. Essentially, an employer can not ask how your service will affect your job duties.

“Do you plan on having children?”

A question such as this passes judgement on a person’s commitment or dedication to the job in question, and is illegal to ask. Even a question like “When is your baby due?” can cause problems because it may violate the rules of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act depending on where your live.

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