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We can easily say that it’s almost impossible for you not to have heard about coding (mind us, there are always exceptions), seeing how its popularity has significantly increased in the last few years. Coding is being considered the language of the modern world as thanks to coding, people can communicate instructions to the devices and guide them on how to operate.

We know you don’t doubt the importance of coding. However, students of a major not related to computer science or IT might not be entirely sold on the idea of coding bringing benefits to them. Well, let us tell you that you don’t have to necessarily be a computer science major to leverage the upsides of coding.

1. You’ll Be Eligible to Apply for Coding Jobs

We can easily say this particular benefit is the reward that one gets upon mastering the coding skills. It’s common knowledge that not everybody can land a job that involves some programming level without at least being familiar with this field. However, one doesn’t have to be a coding expert to get an entry-level job in this field.

You should keep in mind that the level of coding you need to have depends entirely on the kind of job you choose. Some require a higher knowledge level than others. Not all the careers in computer science and IT fields are the same. Consequently, employers may have different requirements for prospective employees.

2. You’ll Get to Create a Portfolio that Stands Out From the Rest

We already know that each year, the job market becomes more and more competitive. So, for a job candidate to get a certain position among hundreds of others, they have to show that they are the ones that they deserve it. How do they do it? Well, you start by creating a CV or a portfolio that not too many people have.

In the journey towards mastering coding skills, one tries multiple things in order to practice the things they’re learning. You can easily add these little “projects” to your resume and showcase the work you’ve done over the months (even over the years). Through these projects, you show the employer that you have the knowledge and the technical skills that a candidate needs to work in a coding job environment.

3. You’ll Have More Job Opportunities than You Think

We’re currently living through an ever-changing digital economy. As such, people need to obtain the skills that make this shift a more straightforward process. One of the skills happens to be coding skills. Even if your job doesn’t require coding skills at the moment, it may require later on.

The best thing about coding is that it can open you up to countless job possibilities, from those requiring little to no coding experience to those that the job itself is coding every day. For different reasons, many people decide to make a career change at some point in their life. Many times they already know what they want to do.

However, there are also cases when many just want to change their career life without knowing where they’re actually heading. In this case, having coding skills can give you a little idea of what to try next. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a coding job is the right one for you; it means that you can try it and find out for yourself.


4. You’ll Earn More

At the end of the day, the financial aspect is one of the main reasons why many people get up in the morning and go to work. We all have financial responsibilities that need to be taken care of, which would be impossible to do if we wouldn’t get a paycheck at the end of the month. Many careers offer some of the highest salaries, and coding is one of them.

An analysis of 26 million job postings made by a job market analytics firm showed that coding jobs are among the highest-paying jobs. Half of the jobs that paid over $50,000 were jobs that required job candidates to have coding skills.

5. You’ll Develop Problem-Solving Skills

In the words of the pioneer of the personal computer era, Steve Jobs: “Everybody in this country should learn how to program a computer, should learn a computer language, because it teaches you how to think. It’s like going to law school. I don’t think anybody should be a lawyer, but going to law school can actually be useful because it teaches you how to think in a certain way… I view computer science as a liberal art.”

To put it another way, learning to code gives you not only the technical skills, but it also gives you another perspective through which you approach work and see the world. You learn to look at things logically.  Not to mention that you become a detail-oriented person as one little mistake of a missing hyphen can ruin your entire code.

6. You’ll Get More Creative

Creativity is mostly associated with the freedom one has to express themselves. While coding doesn’t usually give the coders this freedom at all times, the creativity the coders have is entirely technical. Let’s take it, for instance, the C++ programming language. This particular coding language has around 60 words. The employees need to figure out a way to use these code words to solve a specific problem. Not to mention the responsibility of having to build an app from scratch. The bigger the project, the more creative one will have to be.


7. You’ll Get More Curious

Curiosity is something unique to our species. Among the activities that awaken our interest is coding. In coding, one has to experiment with different patterns to see where that leads them. This process allows people to ask themselves questions, ‘’What if I do this, will it be better?’’, ‘’What happens when I add this hyphen?’’ and others of this kind. Simultaneously, by experimenting with patterns, you can increase your self-confidence and become more resilient and creative than you’ve been.

8. You Can Make Tech Changes on Your Own

We’ve all been there, not being able to navigate in the digital area on our own and waiting with our hands crossed until an expert in this field comes to the rescue. Imagine not having to wait for anyone, but instead, we deal with the messes we make online on our own. While this can, at times, seem impossible, it is totally doable. Here, coding skills come in handy. Depending on the job you do, knowing a particular coding language can be your best friend.

Even though teamwork is positively encouraged, sometimes too much time is spent waiting for people to do what they’re supposed to do. So, a little individuality can’t hurt. The less you’re dependent on others, the better for you.


9. You’ll Get to Enjoy More Freedom & Flexibility in Your Life

One other good thing about having coding skills is that you get to land jobs that offer the flexibility of working remotely. You aren’t bound to the office from 9 to 5. Instead, you get to work on your schedule at your home or wherever you feel like working. You can even travel the world while working, all you need to take with you is a computer and have an internet connection (which frankly can be found almost everywhere).

Learning to code can positively affect you in all your life aspects. What’s best, it gives you a renowned perspective to approach life from a different light. Coding is a skill just like any other. The more proficient you become in it, the better you’ll feel about yourself. We believe that all other coding benefits will come second to the feeling you’ll experience after you master this skill. How you’re going to learn it is irrelevant for as long as you’re committed to it. You can learn it yourself, register in a boot camp, or enroll in a computer science or IT program. The University of the Potomac offers both of these programs on all its campuses. So, you have the freedom to choose your study location. Happy coding!


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