financing educationAs you get ready to embark on your journey towards a higher education, you might find yourself stressed about financing education. Getting a job is the obvious way to secure enough money for college. However, if you’re too busy with your work schedule, your grades might slowly begin to suffer. Hence, working small side jobs like mystery shopping might actually work out better for you while you’re still in school. What’s mystery shopping? It’s when you shop at an assigned business venue then answer questions about your shopping experience there afterwards. The goal of mystery shopping is for businesses to make sure that customer service is up to par at their various locations. To learn how to earn a side income mystery shopping, read the useful information below.

Get Signed Up

Before you can even begin to look at the various mystery shopping assignments available within your area, you’ll need to get signed up with some mystery shopping companies. When signing up, you’ll need to provide a writing sample to show that you’re capable of writing about your shopping experiences in a way that’s easy for others to comprehend. The writing sample doesn’t need to be an original. So for convenience sake, save one writing sample to use for all of the companies you want to work with.

Do Your Research

If you’re not sure which mystery shopping companies to sign up with, check out the Volition Forums. The posters there regularly update about which companies are legitimate with their work offerings. As for learning more about going to college, be sure to contact us.


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