International Student ApplicationsKnowing what to expect in the application essay is important, especially for international students who rely on these essays even more to help them make a good impression on the admissions committee. University of the Potomac can help international students with the application process and offers these simple yet powerful tips to help all students write a better application essay:

about something that had an impact on your life.

Think about the things that changed how you looked at the world, events that brought you out of your comfort zone, the important life lessons and experiences you had, and other things that helped shape you into who you are. These topics will help the application and admissions committees get to know you better.

Talk about someone who influenced you.

University of the Potomac gets many application essays talking about influential people in the student’s life, but many students forget that ultimately, the essay is suppose to be about them. Remember that you do needs to talk about and describe the person who influenced you some but you should spend the bulk of the essay highlighting how you benefited from them and in what ways you were changed by that person’s influence.

Describe something you did to prepare for college.

You most likely have had many experiences in life prior to writing this application essay to get into college.  Talk about the things you have done, the way you have disciplined yourself, and what you have been doing to prepare for college. Why should the admissions committee consider letting you into the program? What does your experience give you that makes you ready for college? What do you hope to learn and gain from your time at college? Make sure you let the admissions committee know that you are the missing piece they have been looking for!

The University of the Potomac offers many great options for international students and we have a strong and thriving student body of international students. Contact us today for more information about us, our faculty and staff, the courses we offer, and what your life can be like during and after your time with us. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on campus!

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