How to Enhance Your Study Sessions with TechnologyTechnology is by no means a substitute for disciple and studying skills within the context of your education. It can, however, help keep you organized and your study sessions interesting. Here are some tips that have helped students in the past:


It’s hard to argue for a notebook planner now that students have easy and free access to Google Calendar. It essentially does the same job as a planner, but you can access it from your phone, tablet, and laptop. You can also customize it to set alerts and reminders so you stay on track during the semester.

Dropbox is another example of an improvement on a basic idea. It serves the same purpose as a flash drive, but is more reliable and easier to access. All students with a .edu email address can use Dropbox for free.

Time management

The Internet is a great tool, but it can also distract students from their work. If you’re spending too much time on Facebook, Reddit, or Tumblr, then you should check out the Chrome extension StayFocusd. With it, you can limit the amount of time you spend on certain sites.

If you have the same problem, but on a smartphone rather than a laptop, then you can install the app Self Control for Study.


There are tons of sites that use games and flashcards to help students memorize terms and formulas. One of which is Quizlet, which you can browse for subjects or add content on your own.

The unfortunate thing about memorization is that what you learn rarely sticks. Memrise is a site and an app which uses an algorithm based on spaced repetition to help users retain knowledge. Basically, it sends you an email to revisit your notes so they get stored in your long-term memory. It’s most commonly associated with language-learning, but you can use it for any subject.

News aggregators  

College students are expected to keep up with current events, at least the ones that affect their areas of study. Feedly is a simple RSS feed that you can set up and check once or twice a day to keep informed.

If you’re still finding out which sources you like best, then you may want to start out with Google News.  This way, you’ll get news from multiple publications so you don’t get used to one perspective.


Now, there are tons of gadgets out there, but not all of them are great in an educational environment. This all comes down to your preferences, but we’d usually recommend a laptop over a tablet for your next big purchase.

If your classes are reading intensive, then you may want to consider buying an E-reader. These can help save you money — and back pain — in the long run as you store more e-books. The other great thing about these is that you can highlight phrases and make notes so you don’t have to reread entire paragraphs after the fact.

A gadget that’s not directly related to your education but can have a big impact on it nonetheless is Fitbit. When you live on your own at college, there’s no one forcing you to exercise and get active. But your physical health affects your mental health, and something like Fitbit can help keep you active and thus help you study better.

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Some students prefer a more old-fashioned approach when it comes to studying. If using pen and paper is the trick to get you to study frequently, then there’s no problem sticking to that. But if you’re struggling with organization, time management, or simple memorization, then you should consider some of the sites, apps, and gadgets mentioned above. For more information about technology that can enhance your educational experience, contact us today.