The name of this degree suggests working in a multicultural setting and makes you think that someone with an interest in this field has an entrepreneurial mindset, likes to travel, and/or has an enthusiasm to learn different languages. While this is a little far-fetched, studying International Business does entail learning about the interconnections of global economies. Let’s explore what an International Business degree really is, the job opportunities for once you own this degree, and the benefits and skills that are required.

What Is an International Business Degree?


The International Business degree studies the ever-changing global business environment. In this field, students get to know how business is done overseas, how their own country’s ethics play out in the economy of developed countries, but also on developing economies that have room for growth.

Types of  International Business Degrees


If you are interested in this career, the next step is choosing the best university and degree program you want to pursue. The types of degrees you can get from the University of the Potomac are advanced certificates, associate’s degrees, and bachelor’s degrees.

Advanced Certificate in International Business

Our International Business Advanced Certificate program provides students with the knowledge and perspective in the varying aspects of our ever-changing global business environment. Participants will develop the skills and tools needed to work in international business markets.

Duration Careers Median Salary
1 – 2 years  Area Sales ManagerBusiness Operations Manager

Distribution Manager

International Trade Compliance Officer

$61.000 – $80.000

Associate of Science in International Business Degree

If you are interested in diving into the world of International Business, our Associate Degree in International Business program will prepare you for an entry-level career in global firms and similar jobs, in the span of two years.

Duration Careers Median Salary
2 years Sales & Marketing TraineeSales Associate

Manager, International Benefits

International Business Capture Liaison Manager

International Business Development Representative

$36,000 –  $70,000

Bachelor of Science in International Business Degree

With more and more companies pursuing global influence, the University of the Potomac’s Bachelor’s Degree in International Business provides many advantages. Our mission is to prepare students with fundamental managerial skills to succeed in a global business environment and to pursue careers in managerial positions in public or private companies and in non-profit organizations.

Duration Careers Median Salary
4 years Branch Manager – International LogisticsDirector of International Business

Director of International Education and Training

International Business Development Representative

International Contracts Manager

$67,000 – $106,000

International Business Degree Jobs


Many international business graduates work in a variety of sectors since the business has become increasingly global due to today’s digitally connected world. Some jobs where an international business degree is beneficial, are digital marketers, financial manager, media planner. Other jobs related to an international business degree are arbitrator, human resources, marketing executive, sales executive.

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager Job Description: This job is perfect for you if you are someone that is efficient, career-driven and a great communicator. Your job as a business manager can consist of identifying new business opportunities (such as new markets, areas where you can grow, clients and services), strategic thinking, looking from a different perspective and setting goals in order to improve the business.

Business Development Manager Salary:
Starting yearly salary as a graduate is $28,000 to $32,000 while as a senior business director, it’s possible to earn around $100,000.


External Auditor

External Auditor Job Description: As an external auditor, you will need to analyze the financial data and provide a clear picture of how they operate to companies, their creditors and market regulators. Your audit work will go beyond financial auditing, as you will work with clients to help them identify and manage risks across all aspects of their business.

External Auditor  Salary: The average salary for a newly graduate is $35,000, however,  experienced audit managers can earn between $65,000 and $90,000.

Financial Trader

Financial Trader Job Description: As a financial trader, you will be buying and selling investors ‘ shares, bonds, and money, including individuals and banks. You’ll be making prices and doing business, seek to enhance assets, or reduce financial risk. This job is office-based, hectic, and demands patience and diligence.

Financial Trader Salary: The starting salary for this position ranges from $33,000 to $40,000. An experienced associate trader could earn up to $180,000 in a top-tier bank.

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Skills Needed for an International Business Career

For every individual, certain skills are inborn or developed with experiences. No matter the case, it is necessary for you to possess these qualities that will help you in your career in the business world.

Knowledge of other languages

Being articulate and comprehensible when you pursue a career in business is almost crucial. For your ideas to be taken seriously, communication skills play a key role. By researching ahead what languages are majorly spoken in your field, and practicing you will become more efficient in your job.

Awareness of other cultures

You might have to work with people from anywhere in the world, and it is important to know about their traditions and principles. You wouldn’t want to offend or make someone uncomfortable in a work environment.


This degree requires patience for you to grow over time. You will not be hopping on a plane the minute you graduate. Most of the graduates start by working in their country and with time they get promoted.

Have a creative mindset

Creativity is an important quality that corporations value since you will have to sell their products to varying customers.

Know how to negotiate

In this field, you will get to work with different people from everywhere and it is important to know how to work with others. You will have to compromise and often times let others take the lead. You need to be confident when tackling problems and giving/receiving constructive criticism

Benefits of Studying International Business

1. Eye-opening and educational career

A career in International Business requires continuous career training in different areas of business, such as e-commerce and market development, which will contribute in broadening your expertise. During your studies, you will gain an understanding of how economic systems work across the globe. Learning about how other cultures do business enables you to contribute to the advancement of your country’s business.

2. Gain insight into the business world

Core knowledge is essential to the running of any business, and you will further develop your skills through elective modules in key areas. During an IBA you’ll learn how to manage diverse teams, improve financial performance, research international competitors and redesign business processes.

3. Opportunity for jobs

In today’s era of technology, businesses are going global. Since this degree provides knowledge of interconnected fields such as administration, management, insurance, finance, and consulting, having an international business degree will be an advantage when you apply for any job.

International Business is a relatively broad curriculum, so graduates will be prepared for several career paths. This field has a lot of benefits, but at the same time, it requires certain skills like flexibility, awareness of other cultures and a creative mindset. If you’re interested to learn about business but also have a passion for learning about different cultures, then you’d be a perfect candidate for a diverse and dynamic program like International Business.