International Studies MajorEvery year, thousands of young adults begin their freshmen year of college. This is typically the time that these students chose their majors, if they haven’t chosen one already. One major that can open up opportunities in a variety of industries is international studies. With this degree, you can learn about global issues and start your career within the government or private sector.

A Major that Teaches a Wide Range of Skills

The reason that many go into international studies is because it focuses on teaching a wide range of skills. Although most of what you learn will connect to global concerns, you will also be able to learn basic skills such as writing, giving presentations, analytical skills, a knowledge of worldwide politics and conducting research. These skills can be carried into almost any industry.

Government Job Opportunities

One of the biggest industries that hire those who have an international studies background is government organizations. There are a wide variety of positions throughout the government where a person can use a range of skills in their daily work. Those who start working in government can choose to work in the foreign service in diplomatic roles, security roles and defense roles. It is also possible to work in the United Nations, depending on what jobs are available to those from your country of origin.

More Job Opportunities in the Private Sector

If you love the idea of international studies as a major but are not interested in working towards a government career, there are also many private sector businesses that are interested in people with this type of education. Two of the biggest industries that actively recruit those with international studies are non-profit volunteer organizations with a worldwide reach and multinational corporations. Both of these industries benefit from the knowledge and understanding of international affairs in those who hold degrees in this field.