Many opportunities await the graduate with an information technology degree. This post explains some of the reasons why pursuing an IT degree could be a great career move.

Information technology is hot now, and is likely to remain so. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that employment in the IT sector will keep growing. We are in the middle of a boom period in demand for IT services, with employment projected to grow 43% from 2010 to 2020 for the IT industry as a whole and demand for support specialists growing 47%.

You can start your IT career by setting up and maintaining IT systems, work that’s needed in hundreds of thousands of organizations. You can also move into other computer and software opportunities from there.

An IT career brings excellent income and advancement opportunities. IT support specialists who do computer support earn less than Cybersecurity specialists and network engineers. indicates the average salary for a computer support specialist is $49,000. Computer security specialists earned much more on average, about $64,800. Network support specialists earned less on average, but $42,000 is not bad at all.

A Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree can lead to work in programming, testing, project management or engineering. Those jobs will require additional training on the job or additional formal education. University of the Potomac offers certificates in Information Assurance, Information Security Management, Network Security Management, and Information Systems Management.

Students can prepare for several specialties during the program. Opportunities include preparing for COMPTIA A+ or Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist exams and pursuing one of four concentrations: Digital Forensics, Cyber Security, network systems management, or IT management.

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