There are many important decisions one has to make throughout life. One of them is certainly choosing a major to study at university. To come to this decision, students consider numerous factors in advance. While the factors like job availability and employment rates are significant, salary is equally important, too. At the end of the day, it’s through that salary that one brings food to the table. Seeing how important it’s for a degree to lead you to jobs that pay well, let’s see which are the ten highest paying degrees. The data were taken by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Glassdoor, and Indeed.

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1. Engineering


We’re going to be starting with the major of engineering. If you’re passionate about engineering, know that you have a broad range of studying opportunities, all those leading you to an abundance of job opportunities and high salaries after graduating. Compared to all other majors, engineering offers the highest average salary.

Average Annual Salary

However, the salary in the field of engineering depends mostly on the engineering specialization you choose. Find below some of these engineering options that bring some of the highest earnings.

Petroleum Engineer Computer Hardware Engineer Aerospace Engineer
$128,230 $115,080 $109,650


2. Economics

To all students who are passionate about working with numbers and have math as their favorite subject in school, economics could be the right major for you. Not only will this degree fulfill your craving for numbers but also will enable you to understand businesses, job markets, and governments.

In the list of skills an economic student gains are critical thinking, problem-solving, analytical thinking skills, and many others. Yet, knowledge and skills aren’t the only elements that make economics major quite attractive to students. Upon graduation, students can expect to earn a quite high salary.

Average Annual Salary

As for the economic jobs that are paid the highest, take a look for yourself at the highest paying economics degree jobs.

Senior Market Analyst Actuary Quantitative Analyst
$115,166 $113, 430 $104,340


3. Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Biochemistry and molecular biology can be quite an attractive major for all science lovers. Biochemistry and molecular biology majors are quite prepared in the research and laboratory aspect, for teaching and service careers in the line of science. Find below the average annual salary of a Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major.

Average Annual Salary

Like any degree out there, there are some jobs that are paid more in their line of work. Take a look at some of the highest paying Biochemistry and Molecular Biology jobs.

Biochemist Biomedical Engineer Epidemiologist
$105,940 $95,090 $75,690


4. Computer Science

For all those technophiles out there, rest assured that computer science major is the right one for you. Being a versatile degree, computer science is one of the most abundant degrees out there, with countless opportunities for students to choose from. Salary, on the other hand, isn’t bad itself. Actually, it’s one of the majors with the highest average salaries. And lucky for you, this program is offered by the University of the Potomac which is one of the most affordable universities in the country.

Average Annual Salary

Most of the computer science-related jobs are paid well. However, here are some jobs that are paid the most.

Software Architect Development Operations Engineer Data Scientist
$139,099 $121,996 $121,897


5. Information Technology

Information technology can be both a very exciting and rewarding major. Students will get introduced to computer hardware, software, and network technology. They will learn to apply the knowledge of mathematics and computing to IT disciplines as well as master a range of skills that will prove useful in the workplace. However, the knowledge and the skills aren’t the only benefits. IT professionals generally earn good money.

Average Annual Salary

Despite the high annual income IT professionals might get, there are some jobs that are paid higher than the rest. Take a look at them.

Software Developer Computer Systems Analyst Web Developer
$100,690 $85,800 $64,970


6. Statistics


Choosing a major in statistics can be the right decision for those who are equipped with strong math skills and have an exceptional interest in research in different fields—biological, physical, and social sciences. Just like many majors in this list, statistics offers a plethora of job options to graduate students and decent annual wages.

Average Annual Salary

Statistics majors have the chance to land jobs that pay as much as six figures. Here are three of them.

Data Scientist Actuary Software Engineer
$120,649 $111,679 $105,760


7. Finance

Finance is a major where numbers have a central role in what is being learned. As such, this major can be the right choice for those that have fun working with numbers as well as see themselves part of the business field. Rest assured that your knowledge and skills gained in the finance program will certainly get compensated financially in the long run.

Average Annual Salary

While finance majors that land finance jobs might earn good pay, there are some finance jobs that pay more than average. Find them below.

Chief Compliance Officer Private Equity Associate Hedge Fund Manager
$128,380 $108,152 $98,256


8. Accounting

Another major in our list of the highest paying degrees is accounting. Accounting majors learn to maintain and report the finances of an individual or an organization. While any type of degree that is involved with numbers is highly paid, those that major in accounting have countless high-paying career options to choose from. Do you believe that you’ve found your calling? Then the University of the Potomac and its accounting program might be your best option.

Average Annual Salary

While the accounting deals with numbers, the figures these professionals earn are quite high. Find below three of the highest paying accounting jobs.

Accounting Director Controller Finance Manager
$115,169 $99,931 $95,162


9. Physics


A Bachelor’s degree in Physics can be a great first step towards a professional career in science-related fields. However, on its own, this major can be a very lucrative four-year degree. Not only because of the job opportunities in varying industries but also because of the salaries physics majors can earn. Find below the average salary of a physics graduate.

Average Annual Salary

The range of jobs you can do with a physics degree is wide. So, is the range of salaries a physics major can earn. Find below three of the highest paying physics jobs out there.

Medical Physicist Astronomer Geophysicist
$129,183 $117,220 $98,348


10. Human Resources

The last highest paying major in our list is the major of human resources. Students that choose this major will study the workplace and the people. By that we mean, HR employees will handle employment affairs from staffing, training, payments, health, and safety in the workspace.

Human resources can be rewarding both morally and financially. While you’re going to be the mediator between the employer and the employee, you’ll also get rewarded quite much financially. Here’s the annual income of a human resources professional.

Average Annual Salary

Many HR jobs pay well. However the three we listed below are some of the highest paying HR professions out there.

Compensation and Benefits Manager Change Management Specialist Labor Relations Specialist
$101,071 $97,673 $94,450

However, one thing you should keep in mind is that you won’t get a six-figure salary immediately after you graduate. For each level of education you finish and for each additional year of experience on the job, you’ll earn extra.

Going to college certainly has numerous benefits. One of them happens to be the chance to choose majors that pay quite well after graduation. These are the highest paying college majors out there. We hope we helped you in making your mind about the major you’re going to study. The University of the Potomac offers many of these majors. The best thing is that we offer these programs at an affordable cost, which means that you can finish your dream major and find a job after finishing it without breaking the bank. A win-win situation for you. For any questions you might have, don’t hesitate to write to us.


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