interview skills and tipsJust the word “interview” will bring out the anxiety in most people. Here are three interview skills and tips to help keep that anxiety at bay.

Do Your Research Properly: Everybody tells you to do your “research” on the company you are applying for but what does that really mean? Some people will inevitably research too much and then forget everything when they get in front of the interviewer and other people will not research enough. To make sure you do your research properly, choose just three things about the company you like and that you can remember, and be ready to talk about those three reasons that make this company better than any other company.

Make A Great Impression on Everyone: There’s a lot of talk about making a great impression on the actual interviewer but what about the rest of the people in the office? When you go in for a job interview, everyone is your interviewer so make a good impression on everyone. The receptionist and the other employees are all watching you so make sure you let them watch the best “you.” Smile at the receptionist and be friendly to the other employees you see in the office. You don’t want anyone to say anything negative about you that could affect a hiring decision.

Be Quick on Your Feet: Interviewers want to see how quick on your feet you can be. They will ask you questions that you don’t expect to see how good your problem-thinking abilities are and how quick you can come up with a solution. You don’t want to panic or get flushed as this will send the message that you don’t work well under pressure. A good way to make yourself ready is to practice. Have friends ask you questions about yourself such as your best attribute or your even your favorite restaurant and see how quickly you can come up with answers on the spot.

Use these tips and you will be able on your way to acing that interview and scoring that job! For more information, contact us.