What are your dreams? Would like to travel the world? Maybe you would like a job with good pay, benefits, and perks. Perhaps you want all these things and to work around interesting people every day. If you are dreaming of any or all of these things, you should consider getting a hospitality and tourism degree from the University of the Potomac.

With a Degree, You Could Find a Job that Would Pay Well

What sounds exciting to you, travel, being a manager? There are numerous jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry that pay well. You could be a cruise director, cruise ship captain, concierge, restaurant manager, flight attendant, hotel general manager, hotel reservations agent, chauffeur, tour guide, and travel clerk.

A cruise ship captain earns a median salary of $99,122, according to payscale.com, with a minimum of $42,936, and up to $194,016. A hotel general manager earns at least $52,672, but as much as $101,000. A chauffeur earns at least 31,443, but sometimes more than $40,000 annually.

The global hotel industry alone was projected to earn $550 billion in revenue worldwide in 2016, and military.com reported one in ten jobs worldwide is in travel and tourism.

Your Job Could Give You the Chance to Travel the World

Do you want to work on a cruise ship? Ships travel to various locations. You might travel to Mexico, the Bahamas, Europe, the Caribbean, Alaska, and many other beautiful and exotic places. The same would be true for an airplane pilot or flight attendant. It doesn’t stop there, however. Would you rather move, instead of constantly traveling? If you’re a good restaurant or hotel manager, hotel, you might find a position in London, Amsterdam or Paris. You might get a job as a regional restaurant manager, managing several restaurants in the same chain. Would you like work as adventure travel guide? You might lead trips in Africa or other exotic locations. If you are a museum curator or travel guide, you might land a job in New York City, Los Angeles, Paris, or London.

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