Are you thinking about starting a career in Information Technology? An IT degree is highly versatile, giving you the opportunity to work in a variety of different settings.

Depending on your experience and training, here are a few top jobs for someone with an Information Technology degree.

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If you like to create

Network Architect

Average Salary: $109,020

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

If you want a dynamic job that will give you the opportunity to handle a variety of technology-related tasks, then you might enjoy being a Network Architect. As a network architect, you’ll be responsible for designing networks and intranets, often for corporate use.

Software Developer

Average Salary: $105,590

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

As the name implies, Software Developers are responsible for creating a variety of software programs. Whether you’re creating games, apps, or business software, being a Software Developer will typically give you the chance to use your creative side.

Computer Programmer

Average Salary: $84,280

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

If you enjoy coding, then you’ll likely enjoy being a Computer Programmer. Computer Programmers often work with Software Developers to code a variety of programs.

Web Developer

Average Salary: $69,430

Entry-Level Education: Associate’s degree

As a Web Developer, you’ll be responsible for creating and maintaining web pages. You’ll be able to customize the look and feel of websites, and will be responsible for maximizing the site’s functionality.

If you like to do research

Research Scientist

Average Salary: $118,370

Entry-Level Education: Master’s degree

Technology is constantly advancing, which is partly thanks to research scientists in the field of Information Technology. As a Research Scientist, your career will be dedicated to finding new ways to improve technology.

Computer Systems Analyst

Average Salary: $88,740

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Do you have the ability to prioritize a wide variety of tasks all at once? Computer Systems Analysts are responsible for improving the function of network systems. Computer Systems Analysts make sure that systems are consistently up to date and running smoothly.

Information Security Analyst

Average Salary: $98,350

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

For those interested in digital security, becoming an Information Security Analyst can be a rewarding career. Information Security Analysts research and improve digital security, sometimes in collaboration with Computer Systems Analysts.

black-and-gray-laptop-computer-turned-on-doing-computerIf you’re good at administration

Network Administrator

Average Salary: $82,050

Entry-Level Education: Bachelor’s degree

Are you great at working with people as well as computers? Network Administrators coordinate multiple levels of network systems, keeping software up to date and managing personnel.

Health IT

Average Salary: $45,000

The health field is becoming increasingly digitized, which means that Health IT is a growing field. If you want to incorporate your passion for technology with a career in healthcare, then Health IT is a great choice.

If you like working with people

IT Support Specialist

Average Salary: $53,470

Entry-Level Education: Associate’s degree

When people encounter technical problems that they can’t solve on their own, they frequently turn to a Support Specialist for help. As an IT Support Specialist, you’ll have the opportunity to directly help others, which can be highly rewarding.

IT Consultant

Average Salary: $71,900

Are you good at helping others understand complex systems and structures? IT Consultants help their clients understand complicated technology and systems. To excel at consulting, you’ll need to be a great communicator in addition to being technologically savvy.

IT Project Manager

Average Salary: $84,800

If you’re a highly organized person, then you might enjoy working as an IT Project Manager. IT Project managers plan and implement specific projects which require a high degree of organization. IT Project Managers are also often responsible for managing a team, which means that this career requires good interpersonal skills.

Salary Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics


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