5 Important Skills You Need in the 21st CenturyEducation is always changing. Now it is easier than ever to get an education with online courses. You have the opportunity to study at an American university while living in China or in Brazil because of the access to education through online courses. But like education, the economy and job marketplace is also changing. Skills your parents and grandparents needed to learn to become employable are not necessarily the skills you need in 21st century.

1) Writing Skills

More and more work is being conducted online today through social media posts, emails, blogs, and articles. No matter what industry you go into, you will need to know how to write well. This means proper formatting, knowing your audience, and basic grammar at least.

2) Technology Skills

The constant use of technology in business is here to stay. Knowing things like how to use email, social media, and PowerPoint presentations are essential in today’s world. The internet is a wonderful thing if you know how to use it right. Not only can it allow you to take an education course from the comfort of your home, but you can also communicate and even do business with people in other countries. Not only do employers love having employees with technology skills, but it is useful in everyday life as well.

3) Adaptability

This is very important for every field. The economy can change hourly and sometimes what worked yesterday does not work today. The inability to adapt has led to many people unemployed and has made businesses fail.

4) Determination and Imagination

More and more companies reward their employees less on how long they have been in a company and more on what they can contribute to a company. Hard work and the ability to come up with new ideas for improvement will lead to success.

5) The Ability to Self Educate

For all industries, new developments will be made that can lead to new opportunities for you. It is important to stay up to date in what is happening around you, which includes reading news articles, learning any foreign language, going back to school, or learning more skills. Only you know what’s really best for you, and you can only make educated decisions if you stay educated in the world around you.

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