Earning a business degree might be sufficient to land your dream job, but it’s essential to stay on top of the industry trends if you see yourself climbing up the business ladder. You might ask how you can do this. Well, it’s simple. You seek additional management training and learn new business skills applicable to the field you’re in.

Best Business Certificate Programs

There are many business certificate programs offered both online and on-campus. Below we’re listing seven best online and offline business certificates that can upgrade your skills.

1. General Business Certificate

The General Business Certificate program is one of the business certificate programs offered by the University of the Potomac. This program provides firsthand skills that will enable you to easily find entry-level job positions in a wide range of public and private enterprises or advance your current career.

Some of the marketable skills you might get from this certificate program are applicable in positions like:

  • Office reception and administration,
  • Computer applications support,
  • Accounts receivable and payable,
  • Computer security.

2. Business Analytics Certificate

With the everyday expansion of businesses, the need to analyze the data and make decisions based on it is also growing.

A Business Analytics Certificate program is a program that focuses on the problem that most organizations face, learning to translate the abundance of data into meaningful insights. This certificate program will learn about effective methods to analyze data and make better and informed decisions.

By mastering real-world spreadsheet modeling concepts and finding ways to manage data using the math and logic capabilities of Excel, you’ll also learn to take greater advantage of the Excel tool and its spreadsheets. Through this program, you’ll be able to develop business analytics skillset that will turn you into an invaluable asset to the company.

Furthermore, due to the dependency of businesses on data, with a Business Analytics Certification, you will be able to find employment in any industry. Overall, the skills you can gain and the flexibility of this certificate’s career choices surely make Business Analytics a very beneficial online business certificate program.


3. Business Accounting Certificate

The Business Accounting Certificate program is another online business certificate that the University of the Potomac offers but that focuses mostly on accounting principles. In other words, this certificate program is designed for people that see themselves working on jobs related to finance and enjoy working with numbers. Earning a Business Accounting Certificate provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply for job positions such as bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing clerks. You can choose to get this certificate online or at one of the campuses in Vienna, Virginia, or in Washington D.C.

Earning a Business Accounting Certificate provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills to apply for job positions such as bookkeeping, accounting, or auditing clerks.


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Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Auditing Clerks

The main job responsibilities of bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks include generating financial records for businesses; in other words, they document financial transactions, update statements, and check financial records for credibility.

According to BLS, the median annual salary for bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks is $45,560.

Accountants and Auditors

Accountants and auditors compile and review financial records, identify possible opportunities and risks, and help firms and individuals find solutions by making sure that financial records are correct, taxes are paid, and businesses operate correctly.

According to BLS, the median annual salary for accountants and auditors is $77,250.

Budget Analyst

The job of a budget analyst is to help public and private businesses plan their finances by preparing reports, observing how much they are spending, and assessing policies.

According to BSL, the median annual salary for budget analysts is $79,940.

4. Leadership and Management Certificate

If you are looking to improve your leadership and management skills, you should consider getting a Leadership and Management Certificate

Leadership and Management Certificate program is a flexible online program that can take the form of multiple specialties depending on your business area. Having a certificate of this type can turn you into a more competitive candidate for landing new jobs and getting promoted at the current one. This certificate program will help you enhance your skills as a manager within your organization, scale leadership development across teams, and ensure better communication through a common leadership vocabulary.

Earning a Leadership and Management Certificate might be the perfect choice for you if you wish to work in careers like:

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  • Business manager
  • Project manager
  • Branch manager
  • Retail manager
  • Team leader or supervisor
  • Business owner

5. General Management Certificate

The General Management Certificate program offered by the University of the Potomac is one of the best certificates for those that want to pursue a managerial career. It helps students obtain the knowledge and managerial skills necessary to perform the management tasks. This certificate program focuses on some factors that affect the business like business communication, functions of management, and many others.


6. Risk Management Certificate

Risk Management Certificate program is the program that covers the crucial risk reports within publicly-traded financial institutions. This program provides students with case studies that help them gain analytical skills and become more versatile in communication about risk reports. However, there are a few conditions applicants have to fulfill. They should have the necessary skills in MS Excel and basic knowledge about probability and statistics.

7. International Business Certificate

The International Business Certificate program is an advanced program offered by the University of the Potomac. This program will help you obtain knowledge about the varying aspects of the global business environment. Through this program, you will be able to better understand the global economy and its impact on the business while also gain the skills you need to work in international business markets.


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Certainly, upgrading your business skills and competencies can benefit you multifold. Not only will you get to add them to your resumes and increase your chances of getting hired, but you will also increase the chances of getting promoted. We highly believe that the list of business certificates we provided will come in handy. For any additional information on the certificate programs offered by the University of the Potomac, feel free to contact us.