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Most people think that a university diploma is the ticket to landing a job, however, certificate programs can help you in this direction as well. Without further ado, below we’re listing some exceptional certificate programs across many industries.

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Certificates in Information Technology

information-technology-certificateOne sure way to advance in your IT career is to get a certificate. There are many certificate programs available to validate your skills and knowledge. We’re listing three of them.

1. Information Assurance

The Information Assurance certificate program is a short program provided by the University of the Potomac. An information assurance professional needs to have an exceptional level of knowledge on computer network design and infrastructure. You can get this knowledge by enrolling in this certificate program that the University of the Potomac offers.

Skills you’ll gain

Students that earn a certificate in Information Assurance will gain the skills and knowledge that will allow them to put safeguards and quality control into place in order to protect data.

What can you do with an Information Assurance certificate?

The skills students get from this certificate program will guide them towards a technology career pathway that heavily focuses on the protection of information.

2. Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control

Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is a qualification that ISACA awards to IT professionals who can identify and manage risks through the development, implementation, and maintenance of information systems controls. The candidates who want to apply need to have at least three years of relevant work experience. They’ll undergo a rigorous written examination.

Skills you’ll gain

With a CRISC certification, you’ll get competent in multiple domains like IT risk identification, IT risk assessment, risk response, and mitigation, and risk and control monitoring and reporting.

What can you do with a CRISC certificate?

CRISC certification is one of the most recognized mediums that is used to evaluate the enterprise risk management proficiency of prospective employees. This certificate will open you doors to job positions like:

  • Risk and Security Managers
  • IS Managers
  • Information Control Managers

3. Information Systems Management

Information systems management is an advanced certificate program that is an integral part of IT operations in the business. You can choose to obtain this certificate online or attend classes at all our locations, Falls Church, Virginia, and D.C Washington.

Skills you’ll gain

The course offered by the information systems management program will enhance your understanding of managing IT systems in the corporate world.

What can you do with an Information Systems Management certificate?

With an information systems management certificate you might get the chance to advance in your career no matter what position you’re currently holding.

Certificates in Healthcare


In the healthcare industry, there’s a high demand for well-trained individuals to join the workforce. The number of certificates you may choose from is quite high. We’ve listed three healthcare certificate programs that can open the doors of the healthcare industry for you.

1. Health Systems Management

Health Systems Management certificate program is an advanced program that targets those planning to pursue a career in healthcare. The courses this program offers focus on the general structure of the healthcare systems and the evolution of the healthcare model.

Skills you’ll gain

Health System Management certificate will give students the necessary skills needed to manage data storage, transfer, and retrieval in healthcare environments.

What can you do with a Health Systems Management certificate?

With a health system management certificate you can land a job in healthcare or advance from the healthcare job position you currently hold.

2. Cardiac Care Technician Certificate

A cardiac care technician certificate program is awarded to all individuals who have finished a training program to become a certified phlebotomy technician. To be eligible for this certification, you need to have an equivalent of a high school diploma.

Skills you’ll gain

A cardiac care technician certificate program will give you the hands-on experience of working closely with doctors and helping them treat heart and vessel diseases, taking images of the heart and blood vessels with invasive and noninvasive procedures like catheterization, balloon angioplasty, and use of ultrasound equipment.

What can you do with a Cardiac Care Technician certificate?

With a cardiac care technician certificate, you can get the chance to work in large hospitals and other healthcare facilities where the need for this type of technician is higher.

3. Medical Records Coder Certificate

Medical records coder certificate program targets all those that want to work in healthcare settings and  want to deal with numbers. This certificate program lasts 8-13 months and after you earn this certificate you’ll get to be a part of the healthcare industry.

Skills you’ll gain

In the medical records coder certificate program, you’ll learn how to translate accurately healthcare services like operations, equipment usage, diagnosis, and many others offered to patients to numerical code. This code then will be used to create a receipt that the patient or the patient’s insurance provider will pay.

What can you do with a  Medical Records Coder certificate?

With a medical records coder certificate, you can work in hospitals or other related healthcare facilities as a Medical Billing or Coding Specialist.

Certificates in Business



Just like in any other industry, for you to advance in your business career, you need to obtain additional knowledge and training. Certificate programs offered by many educational institutions can help you gain supplemental knowledge and experience.

1. International Business

International Business certificate program is an advanced program designed to provide students with the knowledge and the perspective in the varying aspects of the ever-changing global business environment.

Skills you’ll gain

An international business certificate will enhance your understanding of the global economy and its impact on business, while also gaining the skills and tools necessary to work in international business markets.

What can you do with an International Business certificate?

International business certificate programs aren’t designed to lead you to particular careers but can help you advance from your entry-level job position regardless of the business field you’re working in.

2. Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

CBAP certificate program is targeted to all individuals interested in analyzing businesses and coming up with solutions to fit their needs.

Skills you’ll gain

A certified business analysis professional certificate will broaden your understanding of strategy analysis, solution evaluation, life cycle management, and business analysis planning.

What can you do with a CBAP certificate?

A CBAP certificate might help you advance in your career or get you a pay raise on the current job.  Being a globally recognized certification, it may give your career a global platform.

3. Business Accounting

A business accounting certificate program is an advanced certificate that targets individuals that love working with numbers.

Skills you’ll gain

A business accounting certificate will guide you to gain a broad understanding of accounting principles.

What can you do with a Business Accounting certificate?

With the skills you gain from the business accounting certificate program you can further advance in your job.

Certificates in Management


Working on management or planning to join the workforce in this industry means that you’ll need to do additional training in the course of your work. Many certificate programs can offer you this training and the skills you need in different phases of your career.

1. Project Management

The project management certificate program is a management certificate that is offered by the University of the Potomac.

Skills you’ll gain

A project management certificate program will help you develop the needed marketing skills to hold positions like office reception and administration, computer applications support, and computer security.

What can you do with a Project Management certificate?

The project management certificate will provide you with vocational skills that will guarantee you an entry-level job in a wide variety of public and private businesses.

2. General Management

General Management certificate program is another management program that the University of the Potomac offers to interested students.

Skills you’ll gain

The general management certificate program will help you gain the knowledge and managerial skills needed to be a successful manager.

What can you do with a General Management certificate?

With a general management certification, you can further enhance your career and become a successful manager.

3. Certified Brand Manager

The certificate program to become a certified brand manager is offered by the Association of International Product Marketing and Management.

Skills you’ll gain

The Certified Brand Manager program will help you learn to optimize customer relationship management and maximize brand equity and value.

What can you do with a Certified Brand Manager certificate?

With a certified brand manager certificate in your hands, you can easily land a job in the marketing field as this certificate is a differentiator.

There you have them, top certificate programs to kick off or boost your career. We tried to gather some of the top-notch certificate programs in several different job fields. In case you have any questions regarding the certificate programs the University of the Potomac offers, you can always reach out to the university representatives.


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