Coding knowledge is in high demand in almost every industry. From auto manufacturing and business to cellular biology, top companies are programming software solutions, websites, and apps that constantly offer more while still maintaining a user-friendly interface. These softwares, websites, and apps, are built through different programming languages. But what exactly is one?

A programming language is a specific type of computer language that programmers use to create scripts, software programs, or other sets of instructions that computers can execute. There are approximately 700 programming languages out there. While all of them can prove useful in some aspects, not all of them are suitable for business uses. That’s why we decided to bring out the list of coding languages used in the business field.

Let’s take a closer look at the twelve best programming languages for business majors to learn.



Java is one of the oldest coding languages. Since the inception of Java, programming has developed dramatically. It continues to be widely used by custom software development companies. However, contrary to the belief that this programming language is mostly used in the IT field, it’s also used in the business one. Many Java features make this particular language especially suitable for business usage.

Portability, scalability, being multi-threading, efficiency, security, and its compatibility with Android, make Java highly relevant and useful in the business field.



Python continues to lead the lists of the most used and loved programming languages, even in 2020. Python offers a great variety of open-source libraries for data science, image recognition, and many others. It’s widely used by web applications such as Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

Among the reasons why Python can be useful in your business undertakings are: free to use, easy to use,  efficient communication of Python with other languages and platforms, extensibility, and scalability.



Where there is Java, certainly, there will also be JavaScript. What differentiates JavaScript from other programming languages is that it’s a front-end language. It’s mostly used to build front-end interactive applications.

The thing that makes this language useful in the business field is the efficiency of running client-side and server-side scripts. It can be used to create web page content before actually transferring it to a web browser. Its speed, high-quality control, and its frameworks are some of the advantages of JavaScript.



C++ is a general-purpose and one of the classic coding languages. This particular coding language is used in many different areas, such as operating systems, database management systems, medical applications, and many more, but mostly it’s used in systems programming and embedded systems.

What makes C++ useful for business is its portability as it can be used in all operating systems without errors, its object-oriented structure because it offers reliability and options of reuse and functional libraries that make it possible to build network applications and countless other projects.

Go Programming Language


Go—the newest open-source programming language. Go, or Golang, is a static language as it holds testing tools and garbage collection. This way, making the programmers’ job easier as they won’t have to worry about memory management.

Like any other programming language, Go has some features that distinguish it from others. Those features are the simplicity due to the language being quite simple and scalable, and the built-in testing feature that makes it possible for developers to conduct hundreds of automated tests monthly.



PHP is an intuitive server-side, open-source programming language and one of the leading languages used for web development. There are many reasons why developers and businesses choose PHP for IT solutions. The first one is that PHP is flexible. What do we mean by this? PHP can be used in numerous platforms such as Microsoft, UNIX, Linux, etc. This language supports almost all servers and databases.

Another reason is that PHP is budget-friendly. It doesn’t require any fees or downloading because it’s distributed under the General Public License. PHP is also a great web hosting option. That’s why many agencies provide plans on websites supported by PHP.



Swift is one of the latest programming languages that joined the development scene. It was created by Apple, but soon they open-sourced its code. Swift is a fast and interactive, open-source coding language. It’s mostly used to develop apps for the whole Apple ecosystem. Among the advantages of this programming language is the speed which is 2 times faster than Objective-C programming.



C# is considered a hybrid of C and C++ and is quite similar to the programming languages as Java, C, and JavaScript, even though it was initially created to compete with Java. The syntax of C# is quite simple and easy to understand. C# is mostly used to develop applications and games for desktops.  The reason why C# got popular in the first place is that it’s easy to learn and it’s versatile, meaning that you can do almost anything using it, starting with desktop apps, mobile apps, web applications, etc.

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Ruby is one of the 12 most functional programming languages. It’s an object-oriented, dynamically typed, and open-source coding language. Because of its features, Ruby is mostly used for back-end development. Ruby has some advantages over other coding skills when it comes to business—a strong focus on testing, stability, and predictability, and time efficiency are just some of them.

The world of programming is ever-changing. New and better programming languages could always be developed in the future that could better assist you in your business. Until then, this list will give you an idea of what coding languages are available for you to learn and the enterprises to leverage.


Structured Query Language (SQL) is a frequently used coding language that is widely used in industry, business, and academics, and is mainly employed for large, sophisticated databases. It is a specialized language for querying databases and updating, removing, and requesting data. 

SQL is, in fact, a standard database query language and is an ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) standard. SQL is also supported by a number of well-known database solutions, including Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server. 


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Kotlin is an OOP (object-oriented programming) language with a static type system that is compatible with the Java libraries, Java virtual machine, as well as Android. 

Developers save time with Kotlin because the language is less verbose, resulting in shorter and less redundant code. Moreover, Kotlin can be converted to JavaScript or used with an LLVM encoder. In many aspects, Kotlin is viewed as a Java substitute. This programming language is interoperable with Java programs and libraries; however, it lacks syntax compatibility.


TypeScript is a Microsoft-created and maintained programming language. It is a syntactical superset of JavaScript and extends the language with optional static typing. In addition, it is intended for the development of large applications and has been converted to JavaScript. 

Existing JavaScript programs are also valid TypeScript programs since it is a superset of JavaScript. Users can use TypeScript to create JavaScript applications that can be executed on both the client and server sides (as with Node.js or Deno).