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When we rank the best business majors, we usually do so depending on different factors. The perspective of the reader, in pursuit of a career, is subjective, and he or she may value different things regarding a future they want to build. The best business degrees usually stand out because of the high demand, hence – high salaries and growth opportunities. This is why we pulled together a group of business major superlatives, gathered from the Bureau of Labor Statistics along with the data regarding the projected growth foreseen for these careers until 2026.

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Since businesses have become increasingly international, organizations are looking to recent graduates to embrace this globalization and capitalize on their expanding reach. Apparently, 23% of all degrees earned are business-related. Read below to find out which types of business degrees and salaries rule our list of best business majors:

1. Project Management

Project Management - Business Degree

Average Salary: $98,228
Projected growth: 12.85%
Courses to take:

  • Micro and Macroeconomics
  • Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management

The success of a project varies on its manager. A project manager delivers the project and plans ahead its objectives. Whereas companies are always initiating projects to increase revenue, minimize cost, and increase the economy. For this, a career in project management is demanding as good project managers are the most sought professionals of this industry. Most specifically, as a project manager, you will be involved in:

  • The supervision of projects
  • Conception,
  • Planning,
  • Budgeting,
  • Procuring materials and talent,
  • Managing personnel,
  • Communicating internally and externally,
  • Ensuring quality and
  • Completing the project on time and within budget.

2. Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Business Degree

Average Salary: $158,560
Projected growth: 9.58%
Courses to take:

  • Capital Management
  • Global Business
  • Product Development

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were about 9.6 million self-employed workers in 2016—and BLS projects this number to increase to 10.3 million by 2026. One in every four millennials reports wanting to own a business of their own or work as an entrepreneur. So if you’re asking yourself what business major should I choose to have a secure future, then entrepreneurship just might be the answer.

A major in this field equip people with the necessary skills to lead business operations and provides them with insights on key decision-making processes in a business. With a background in marketing, finance, public relations, and human resources, you have a unique, competitive advantage over your peers.

Note that the demand for this major is not only because people want to be their own bosses. It’s also because companies have realized that they need employees with an entrepreneurial mindset, who know how to grow a business and keep nourishing it.

3. E-Commerce

Average Salary: $127,870
Projected growth: 8.75%
Courses to take:

  • Analysis of information & E-systems
  • Data Mining
  • Emerging Information Technologies

The main reason why globalization has become the new market situation is because of the rise of electronic businesses. E-commerce is changing the way traditional firms operate and structure their organizations. It provides business people the opportunity to connect with their partners or customers halfway around the world, by constantly shifting the principles of electronic retailing.

A business degree program in e-commerce combines economic principles with software applications to help you use the Internet to create business opportunities. You may find yourself working within an online existing business or as an entrepreneur for your own e-marketing venture. Your job roles can include: market research, product buying decisions, and Web design or maintenance, so it might not be the easiest business major to choose. Though, it will definitely be rewarding in the long term considering that technology is here to stay!

4. Marketing

Average Salary: $112,800
Projected growth: 12.82%
Courses to take:

  • Sales Management
  • Public Relations
  • Market research

A company’s strategy to connect to its customers may make or break the company’s success. This relationship defines whether the consumer will trust your product and buy it. That is why the demand for advertising, market research, public relations, community involvement is outstanding.

Marketing careers have some of the highest rates of job growth on our list. You can even focus on broader perspectives and study the global marketplace if you want to aim for international marketing. Nevertheless, if you already have some sense of creativity, combined with critical thinking, then this may be the easiest business major for you. All the things you learn along the way will feel natural.

5. Finance

Business Major in Finance

Average Salary: $99,330
Projected growth: 11.5%
Courses to take:

  • Business Law
  • Project M
  • Management
  • Corporate Finance

Graduates with a degree in Finance are invaluable to any business venture. They are the go-to professionals for all matters related to government policy, international relations, and important business decisions. With a major in Finance, you can tick all the boxes of employment expectations: High salary, high rate of employment, and high projected number of jobs for the upcoming decade. Three times the usage of ‘high’ indicates that a career in Finance can take you places. Besides, nowadays, you can manage multiple companies and their businesses even remotely. They won’t mind as long as you get the job done and help them manage their money properly.

6. International Business

Average Salary: $73,580
Projected Growth: 7.9%
Courses to take:

  • Global Banking
  • Emerging Markets
  • Global Outsourcing Strategy

The whole emphasis of International Business relies on cross-cultural collaboration. So a simple heads up, you’re expected to know or learn foreign languages and be proficient in business ethics & international markets. Through this major, you will be equipped with the right set of skills to run a business on a global scale. You may have also heard the term international trade or commerce. They all apply to commercial transactions that take place between governments and businesses from different countries. You will find yourself working as a logistician, management analyst, or a business development specialist. And most certainly, you will find yourself traveling a lot!

7. Business Administration

Average Salary: $62,900-$137,020
Projected Growth: 8.75
Courses to take:

  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Strategy

An MBA degree will provide you with many transferable skills and is versatile enough to appeal to a range of different employees in the world of business and Finance. Through business administration/management, you will be equipped with a general doing business mindset, that covers multiple industries and programs. With all its diversity and usefulness, Business Administration ranks fifth in NACE’s list on the top 10 degrees in demand.

Though courses may vary by program, of course, students typically are expected to enroll and study these subjects: operations management, financial management, management information systems, accounting, business statistics, business ethics and law, business policy and strategy, economics, human resources management, international management, and marketing.

8. Accounting

Accounting Business Degree

Average salary: $92,910
Projected growth: 11.5%
Courses to take:

  • Financial Reporting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Business Law

The highest number of industries are employing graduates of this major. According to NACE, 60.6% of employee respondents that were surveyed said that they are in a constant hunt for accountants. A Bachelor of Science in Accounting will prepare you for various wealthy careers in the corporate world. You will be expected to have a fundamental understanding of accounting concepts and principles, such as tax law, legal documents, or other business operations. Coursework includes the general finance courses, with some exceptions and more profound focus on accountability.

9. Human Resources Management

Average Salary: $83,048
Projected growth: 7.7%
Courses to take:

  • General business administration and management
  • Labor and industrial relations
  • Office management
  • Psychology

The high employee turnover rate of nowadays is making corporates appreciate Human Resource Managers the most. Finding an adequate approach to keep training, developing employees, and building the capacity of new hires is an asset. Of course, administering benefits and ensuring employees health, safety, and overall well-being adds up to the long requirements from an HR. But the reward of a major in this industry and to this career as a whole is definitely fulfilling.

10. Management Analysts

Average Salary: $82,450
Projected growth: 14.77%
Courses to take:

  • Ethics & leadership
  • Financial analysis
  • Global markets

Also known as consultants, management analysts are in demand because of their input into improving an organization’s efficiency. Managerial skills are constantly on the need, and these consultants advise upper management on how to enhance their company’s performance. They do this by solving their organizational problems, evaluating new market expansion programs, or simply adapting to different operation strategies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Business Degree Is in High Demand?
The top business degrees in demand at the moment are Project Management, Entrepreneurship, E-Commerce, Marketing, Finance.

Which Business Major Makes the Most Money?
The highest paying business careers relate to the majors of Entrepreneurship, E-commerce, Marketing, and Finance, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What is the Hardest Business Major?
The difficulty of a business major depends on a number of factors including natural talents, chosen courses, and school. However, one of the hardest business majors is thought to be Accounting.

Do Business Majors Make More than Engineers?
While this depends on the experience and position, the median salary of business and financial operations occupations is lower ($68,350) than engineers’ ($91,010). However, if you earn your MBA, common business professions will pay you considerably more. E.g. a financial manager with an MBA is paid $110,000 per year.

What Are the Easiest Business Majors?
Determining the easiest business majors depends on what you deem as difficult. If you want a degree with less math, go for a BABA (BA in Business Administration); if you want a degree with no creativity requirements, go for Economics and Finance majors.

Are Business Degrees Worth It?
While each decision is subject to personal interests, business majors currently dominate the list of top majors in demand, and this isn’t changing anytime soon. So, yes, they are worth it.


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