What are the top business majors for 2019? Below you will find the 7 most popular areas of business study with details on classes, estimated salary range and the types of positions you might find with that degree. These are just a few of the areas you can focus on with your business degree to make yourself more valuable in the job market.

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Most Popular Business Degrees

As businesses become increasingly international, organizations are looking to recent graduates to embrace this globalization and capitalize on their expanding reach. That’s why 23% of all degrees earned are business-related. Look to a future of success with a degree in one of these business fields.

1. Entrepreneurship

A degree in entrepreneurship provides a solid foundation from which to manage the daily operations of a company. Many of these graduates go on to become CEOs.

Courses to take:

  • Capital Management
  • Global Business
  • Product Development
  • Average Salary: $158,560

2. E-Commerce

A degree in E-commerce prepares graduates for the ever-increasing globalization of business.

Courses to take:

  • Analysis of information & E-systems
  • Data Mining
  • Emerging Information Technologies
  • Average Salary: $127,870

3. Marketing

A marketing degree teaches the skills required to promote a brand, increase revenue, and optimize investments. Successful marketing can make or break an organization.

Courses to take:

  • Finance
  • Public Relations
  • Statistics
  • Average Salary: $112,800

4. Finance

Studying finance opens up a wealth of possible positions. Graduates take positions in financial accounting, capital investment, money markets, and more.

Courses to take:

  • Business Law
  • Project Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • Average Salary: $99,330

5. Economics

Graduates with a degree in economics are invaluable to any business venture. They are the go-to professionals for all matters related to government policy, international relations, and important business decisions.

Courses to take:

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Public Policy
  • Average Salary: $83,590

6. International Business

A degree in international business provides skills essential to business operations within an international corporation. Most graduates to on to land positions in government agencies, multinational firms, and financial institutions.

Courses to take:

  • Global Banking
  • Emerging Markets
  • Global Outsourcing Strategy
  • Average Salary: $73,580

7. Business Administration

Organizations require leaders who can optimize processes and maximize profits. Graduates with business administration degrees typically hold positions in senior management.

Courses to take:

  • Operations Management
  • Human Resources
  • Business Strategy
  • Average Salary: $62,900-$137,020

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