Combining a Focused Business Degree with Advanced Certificates for Professional SuccessIf you value flexibility and the opportunity to change the course of your professional future at any time, the business degree is practically perfect. Its course of study presents you with the types of skills that are adaptable for use at a broad range of commercial enterprises. Whether you envision entrepreneurship, a career in management, perhaps a stint in the international business world or upward mobility in the human resources field, the business degree makes it possible.

Focusing Your Business Degree

While professional flexibility is one of the many reasons to choose this degree, the opportunity to focus your studies combines this level of freedom with added marketable skills that set you apart from those graduates who failed to take advantage of the opportunity. Since our faculty works tirelessly to prepare students for the marketplace of tomorrow, we have recognized that adding concentrations to the coursework, in the form of six upper division courses, can help to heighten the student’s employability right after graduation.

For a freshly minted business major, this is a huge advantage. Examples include concentrations in accounting, international business, marketing and government contract management. By presenting yourself to a first employer with a business degree concentration, you persuade the hiring manager that you can hit the ground running whereas your competitors may need added training just to be able to perform the tasks that you can do from day one.

Advancing Through Niche-specific Business Certifications

Another option, which is ideal for the student who has an interest in a structured business career that mainly focuses on positions in a certain field, is the advancement through certification. For example, by choosing a specific set of four lower division courses, our business majors have the opportunity to prepare themselves for the examination required when applying for a Certified Business Analyst (CBA) credential. Those with the goal of entering the field of project management will do well to select coursework that prepares for the certification test associated with the Project Management Professional (CAPMP) documentation.

When the Business Degree is in the Rear View Mirror

You may have earned your business degree at a time when focusing and specialization where not on your mind. Perhaps you thought you knew what you wanted to do with the degree but are now not sure that you want to remain in your field. It is never too late to make your degree work for you!

Advanced certificates allow you to leverage your education and work experience to chart a new course or advance in your career.

  • General Management Advanced Certificate. While completing required coursework, you have the opportunity to brush up on management skills and learn leadership qualities that may take your career to the next level.
  • International Business Advanced Certificate. If you see that your company is going global and you sense that this is an excellent time to make your move to the corner office or add extensive intercontinental travel to your benefits, train for the certificate that teaches international organizational development strategies. For companies with established international branches, coursework in international marketing and banking is crucial.
  • Government Contract Management Certificate. This program is designed for the business student who needs to deepen a working knowledge of regulatory aspects. When you are thinking of seeking employment with a company that consistently works with government contracts, this certificate may not only give you a foot in the door but also greatly increase your upward mobility opportunities.

Contact us today to learn more about the freedom, flexibility and unrivaled opportunities that the combination of a business degree with advanced certificates can offer your career plans.

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