For years now, technology has been revolutionizing our lives. Every aspect of our lives has been made easier, faster, better, and way more fun. Yet, all these technological advancements weren’t made by themselves, there is somebody behind them. Well, this somebody certainly has knowledge of computer science and that it entails.

Almost all modern technologies that have been launched during the years are directly or indirectly determined by the applications of computer science. Do you want to have an impact on current technology? Then getting an undergraduate or graduate degree in computer science is the right choice for you.

Do you still have suspicions about whether you should go for it?

Let us clear them all for you by showing you why getting a master’s in computer science is worth it.

Benefits of Master’s in Computer Science

The benefits of a master’s in computer science are many. Here take a closer look at them.

A steady job growth

Job stability is one of the main benefits of earning a master’s in computer science. Who wouldn’t want to know if they’re entering a stable and growing industry? Well, probably no one. Everybody wants to make sure that they won’t have to worry about changing careers every 5 years, and in case they’re out of a job to easily find a replacement. It seems like the computer science field offers all these opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, computer science jobs could experience a growth of 15% between 2019-2029. An increase much faster than average. Certain jobs within the field might even experience higher growth than others. Wall Street Journal claims that there are many unfilled positions within this field as there aren’t many qualified candidates out there. With a master’s degree in computer science, you can help fill this employment gap once and for all.

More career options to choose from

You can always land a job in the field of computer science even with an associate or bachelor’s degree. Typically, these jobs are entry-level jobs that bring entry-level salaries. If you see yourself climbing the ladder of computer science then it’s most likely that you need to also get an advanced degree which in this case is a master’s degree. With this qualification and the experience you’ll gain over the years on the field,  you’ll be able to earn placement in senior-position jobs such as computer and information systems managercomputer and information research scientist, and countless others.

Competitive salaries

One of the main reasons why people choose to advance their education is the high salaries they can command. As we know, higher levels of education correspond to higher wages. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average median weekly earnings for an individual with a master’s degree are $1,497, whereas those with a bachelor’s earn $1,248. This in a way confirms the lifelong belief that you’ll earn more with a master’s degree whatever industry you’re in.



A fast return on school investment

Most students that get in the journey to obtain a particular degree, get student loans to pay the school fees and tuition. However, due to many not being able to find well-paying jobs, they spend years on end until they pay off their student loans.

According to research done on this subject, more than 60% of student debt borrowers are expected to pay their debts in their 40s.  However, this is completely different for those that earn a master’s in computer science. According to Payscale, those who hold a master’s degree in computer science earn a six-figure salary. With this kind of salary, we’re pretty sure that you can pay your student loans within a timeline of five years or even less.

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A strong foundation to work in many industries

Getting a master’s degree in computer science means that a range of work possibilities will be offered to you in your future. Software engineers, computing teams, and many others that are a crucial part of every industry out there, and won’t be limited to a particular sector. You could work at the corporate level, sports, music, food industry, and plenty of others.

A broader network

The master’s degree is known for its impact on students building and maintaining great network circles. Many people create contact while they’re students at this level of education and continue to have contact once they’re out of there.

Why does this happen? – you might think. Well, the answer is simple.

A master’s degree program gathers people who are really interested in that particular field. Also, you’ll get to spend quite some time with them working in group projects and seminars.  It’s pure psychology, people who share common interests and spend more time together have more chances of maintaining that friendship. It goes without saying, that these connections you create during your academic years will prove useful in the years to come.

The opportunity to specialize in a particular concentration

One of the many good things about graduate school is the opportunity it gives to specialize in a particular concentration. For those that are interested in developing a career as a specialist, this is their best chance. Computer science includes many specializations like artificial intelligencebioinformatics, software engineering, mobile and web computing, computer and network security, and countless others. You’ll have a wide list of specializations to choose from. Not only will you become an expert in a certain area but also you’ll earn an increased payroll.

Where Can I Get a Master’s in Computer Science?

One of the first steps in determining whether or not getting a master’s in computer science is worth it is to know if you have many college options to choose from. Luckily for you, this particular program is a quite popular program and many universities across the country provide it. Not only the undergraduate program but also the graduate program in computer science.

You’ll also have the chance to choose whether you want to earn it in the old-fashioned way (i.e brick and mortar education) or online. The University of the Potomac is one of the American universities that offer online education in computer science, both bachelor’s and master’s programs. What more could a student want than to get educated in a field that is so prevalent, at their own pace, in one of the renowned universities in the U.S.?


How Much Does It Cost to Earn a Master’s in Computer Science Degree?

Knowing how much you‘ll have to invest in your education is quite important. Especially when you aren’t sure if you want to choose a particular program. In this case, the tuition and fees for a Master’s in computer science might change from university to university.

Another factor that might determine the cost is whether you’re an in-state or out-of-state student. Out-of-state students always pay higher tuition in comparison to the in-state ones. The University of the Potomac is one of the most affordable universities in the country and because of its low costs, it was ranked 8th on the list of most affordable online colleges.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Master’s Degree in Computer Science?

Generally, most master’s degrees take from one year and a half to two years to finish. The same situation is with a computer science degree. However, it depends on whether you’re choosing a full-time, part-time, or accelerated program. A full-time master’s in computer science takes two years to finish, a part-time program takes three to five years, and an accelerated program makes it possible to finish within a year.

So, Is a Master’s in Computer Science Worth It?

Well, we presented all the facts needed to come to this conclusion. Now it’s your turn to think about what makes a Master’s in computer science worth it for you? Is it the job opportunities, the high salaries or is it another factor? Whatever it is, the computer science program here at the University of the Potomac is ready for you. All you need to do is fill out the application.