interview skills and tips

Interview Skills and Tips for the IT Industry


interview skills and tipsGetting a degree in information technology can provide you with a wide range of job opportunities in almost any industry such a business, manufacturing and public relations. Getting your first job as an IT professional is important to set the course for future success. If your resume stands out from the crowd, your interview will need to back it up. Here are some easy-to-use interview skills and tips for getting a job in IT.

Research the Company

For every interviewer, researching the company you are interviewing with is essential. This will help you keep up the conversation and answer the important question: “Why do you want to work with us?” For information technology, you don’t want to stop your research at the name of the CEO and the company’s name in the news. You should also understand a bit about their digital approach, such as the systems they use and the social media they participate in. Some of this information is not public knowledge, but if it is, you will want to know.

Ask Questions

Many job candidates go into an interview with their answers rehearsed so they can provide the interviewer with accurate information. The problem with this is they are thinking so much about their answers that they forget to also ask questions. Asking questions about the IT system they use and how it all works together with software and other components shows the interviewer that not only are you knowledgeable, but you are also clearly interested in what they do.

Discuss Previous Projects

If you have participated in an IT project or had a previous experience with an IT internship, now is the time to start speaking. While you don’t want to seem like you are bragging, discussing positive outcomes as is relates to your skills and expertise will show the company that they can rely on you to be a problem-solver.

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