Why should you consider a hospitality and tourism degree? If you are looking for a job that pays well, consider a job as a hotel or restaurant manager, cruise ship captain or director, or another job in the field. While many people are looking for a job that is interesting and want to work with interesting people, these are only some of the reasons to consider this as a career.

Here are six reasons you should consider a hospitality and tourism degree: 

  1. The jobs pay well, and you can accelerate your career if you work hard. 
  2. You will work with interesting people. 
  3. Your job will have variety every day. Creativity is a necessity in this field. 
  4. You will have a flexible schedule. 
  5. Your will have globally popular job skills. 
  6. The job has a number of perks, such as flexible insurance, and bonuses for top performance. 

1. The Pay is Good, and Career Advancement is Possible

There are many jobs in the hospitality and tourism industry, and many of them pay quite well. Some of the jobs include airplane pilot, concierge, cruise line representative, cruise ship captain, flight attendant, hotel general manager, hotel reservations agent, chauffeur, taxi driver, tour guide, and travel clerk. 

Many of the jobs pay well. A hotel general manager earns an average of $64,000 annually, according to indeed.com. A cruise ship captain earns a median salary of $99,122, according to payscale.com, with a low salary of $42,936, and a high of $194,016. The median salary for a chauffeur as of 2016 was $31,443, but some chauffeurs earn more than $40,000 annually. 

Travel and tourism jobs offer advancement opportunities for a variety of positions. According to monster.com, as the American economy improves, the hospitality, travel, and tourism industries will benefit from the growth. Often people hired as a member of the seasonal staff in the industry earn lucrative promotions. 

The global hotel industry alone was forecasted to generate $550 billion in revenue worldwide in 2020, according to statista.com

2. Your Skills Would Be In Demand Anywhere in the World

What would you like to do, be a hotel manager, cruise ship captain,  a restaurant manager, an event planner for corporations and organizations, hotel concierge, or a travel agent? Where would you like to work? What you learned working in a restaurant in New Orleans would be the same basic principles you would use in a restaurant in Paris. The skills you used working at a five-star hotel in New York City would work at a hotel in London. 

3. You Would Have a Flexible Schedule

Are you an Early Bird? Because of shift work, some positions in a hotel or restaurant are through as early as two p.m. Are you still taking classes, and did you schedule all your classes in as few days as possible to have a long weekend every week? In a hospitality career, it’s often possible to earn a full-time income with full-time hours in a short work week.

4. The Perks Can Be Great

Good pay isn’t enough for you? The pay is competitive, but a hospitality career offers even more. Managers in the tourism and hospitality career fields often receive compensation packages that include bonuses for good financial results. They also often include flexible health and dental coverage, long-term disability and life insurance. Perks you may have not even considered can include hard-to-get hotel reservations, access to international hotspots, discounted or free flights, discounted or free food and drinks,  and even complimentary show or game tickets.

5. Work With Great People 

Successful people who work in the hospitality and tourism field are people-driven. Naturally, they hire people with excellent interpersonal skills, who are outgoing, easy to talk to, and good-natured. These are the people you will work with, and friendships outside of work are common. Coming to work is fun.    

6. Your Job Will Be Different Every Day

You may have your day planned out, but a regular hotel guest calls, or there is an unexpected change in business volume that will bring your hotel a lot more customers, and everything changes. Your job won’t be boring. It’s a good job for those who think on their feet. 

Prepare for an Exciting Career

The University of the Potomac’s Hospitality and Tourism Management Degree can help you succeed in this fascinating career field. Students must complete two internships in the industry at the end of their Bachelor of Science in Hospitality and Tourism Management  degree program. For more information, contact us