Business continues to be the most popular online education. Whether you are at the beginning of your career or a seasoned professional ready for advancement opportunities, an online business degree will provide you with the competitive training you need to advance in your field.

If we compare online business degrees to customary degrees, they tend to have similar coursework. When it comes to the quality of the programs, UOTP online degrees are at the same level of on-campus degrees. However, one aspect that an online degree provides, which tends to be lacking in traditional degrees, is flexibility.

Why Get a Business Degree Online

why-online-business-degreeBusiness programs cover all aspects of the business industry, including management, marketing, finances, and economics. Students acquire the skills needed to work in entry-level positions once they graduate. Online programs created for business majors allow students to study all the same subjects that they would in an on-campus setting.

Having advanced business knowledge will make you a much more competitive candidate for employment, which is quite an advantage in today’s job market. There are many advantages to earning a business degree online compared to the traditional approach.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The best thing about getting a business degree online is that, essentially, it is all done online. Online learning benefits include a convenient alternative to learn at your own pace, allowing you time to focus on other aspects, like career goals or family matters. Many online programs offer a resource department that enables you to network and contact potential employers.


In case you have your establishment, an online degree on your terms will ensure that you are implementing current best practices in your business. A degree helps to grow the business with confidence since fundamental business education implicates the decisions you make. Ultimately, it will help you build clients’ trust, consequently bringing in more clients and revenue.



Online degrees are fitting for working adults. Online learning does not require commuting, relocating, or to quit your job. You will be able to study whenever it suits your schedule. Whether you are more productive at nighttime or daytime, if the classes are asynchronous, you can access them whenever you see fit.


Most of the time students in an online business degree can access online lectures asynchronously. Many online business programs even deliver a semester’s worth of materials upfront, enabling students to complete the homework at their own pace and as their schedule allows.

Open Enrollment

Year-round admission is inclusive for many students who otherwise might not have access to a college education. Online open enrollment colleges allow students to overcome past challenges such as learning limitations, poor test scores, or unsatisfying early college experience.

Online Business Degree Cost

According to a study, many prospective online students are concerned about the cost of online study and base their decision on getting an education solely on the cost associated with a particular program. Still, there is no equivalence between the costs of a degree and the quality of education. An affordable online program does not mean that it lacks credibility and quality.


Distance learning programs cost considerably less than their on-campus equivalents. Dorm rent alone can contribute to a degree cost–without taking into account commuting and other costs that off-campus students are responsible for.

Opting for an online degree program excludes many of these extra costs. In 2018, the University of the Potomac was included on the Most Affordable Online Colleges list and our Bachelor’s Degree program was ranked 8th in the nation.


Most bachelor’s programs require four completed years of full-time study with 120 credits. Students can enroll part-time, although this will lengthen the amount of time it takes to earn a degree. Online programs offer various learning options that can impact how long it takes to earn a degree. Additionally, a dominant factor determining the cheapest online colleges is how long it takes to complete a program.

Accredited Online Business Degree Programs

accredited-online-business-programsAccreditation is a critical stamp of quality in education. It indicates that an institution meets the educational standards for quality. There are six regional associations in the country, and the University of the Potomac is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.

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Regional accreditation means an institution’s reputation is usually higher and that credits earned tend to transfer easily to other schools. Furthermore, employer tuition reimbursement is more likely. An online business degree from the University of the Potomac is an affordable, flexible, and trustworthy decision. Since our business degree is accredited, this means that you will be receiving a quality education that employers will respect.

Online General Business Certificate Programs

Business certificate programs provide career skills for entry-level positions or advancement in a wide variety of businesses. These certificate programs help you develop marketable skills for administrative and computer security positions, among others.

Online Business Associate Programs

With a Business Associate degree from the University of the Potomac, you will be laying an educational foundation for your future career. People are turning to associate degrees as a quicker, less expensive route to career change than the traditional bachelor’s or four-year degree.

Associate of Science in International Business

Our Associate of Science in International Business program consists of specialized international business courses, business-related subjects, and general studies classes. The program is designed to prepare you for an entry-level career in global firms and similar jobs in various organizations.

Associate of Science in Business

Our two-year Associate degree program in Business gives students the broad, exhaustive business background that is necessary to navigate the organization’s standard goals productively. A graduate of this program will be able to Explain management principles, Organize a business plan, Critique the financial health of businesses.

Online Bachelor’s Degree In Business

online-bachelor-business-degreeThere are some significant benefits for students who wish to upgrade their associate degree into a bachelor’s degree. There are more job opportunities from business-related positions for those with a bachelor’s degree, and they are often a requirement from employers.

Bachelor of Science in Business

A business bachelor’s degree will provide a general foundation comprising of primary functional areas in business, including accounting and finance, business management, and marketing. This degree focuses on developing students’ skills and knowledge that can be applied across different functional areas and in any industry.

Bachelor of Science in International Business

A degree in international business prepares students with essential skills to succeed in a global business environment and to pursue careers in managerial positions in public or private companies. Graduates will be able to analyze and solve problems and effectively communicate legal issues.

Online Master’s Degree In Business

Many advanced business degrees are designed specifically for working professionals. Thanks to their online format and delivery schedule, most programs allow you to work around your professional and personal schedule to take classes and do your homework.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The University of the Potomac is devoted to providing high-quality Master of Business Administration education. Graduates of an MBA program will be able to analyze and interpret statistical data, solve business problems through analysis and decision-making techniques, and analyze and evaluate complex issues in the business context.

Earning an online business degree could be your ticket to a new career. Many career changers choose to pursue online degree options for their flexibility. The University of the Potomac has been a leader in education and focuses on emerging technologies, so we make sure that our online business degree programs offer you the quality education you demand with the flexibility you need.