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Contract Management DegreeIt is fair to say that a contract management degree is a specialization within the field of business administration. Fearing that this type of education will pigeonhole a future job applicant, some learners are uncertain if they should opt for this level of focus. Interestingly, the opposite is frequently the case.

Behind the Contract Management Degree

The program stretches over 120 semester credit hours, which makes it comparable to other business administration degrees. It presents with the required general education classes that include college algebra and English composition. Mandatory finance and economics courses ensure a well-rounded education. The list of management courses is lengthier. Here, you may learn about international business, critical thinking, business ethics as well as project management.

What sets apart this degree program from others is the variety of electives. Within this selection, the student now can unlock the doors that will open in the future. Examples include corporate taxation, cost accounting, risk management, investment analysis, total quality management, database management, international marketing, human resources management and salesmanship. Far from pigeonholing a future job candidate, the specialization opportunities within the contract management degree serve to pave the way to a broad range of prospective careers.

Inoculated against the Business Major Blues

The Education Advisory Board (EAB) called it the “business major blues.” It refers to a condition that indicates a sense of being adrift. Studies show that business majors are more likely to feel this way than those majoring in other disciplines. Lacking interest in the work and missing out on enjoying the tasks, these folks sadly invest in a degree that simply does not appeal to them. Although this is certainly not the case for all business majors, it does apply to a good many of them.

Specialization holds the key for those who need a clearer sense of direction (as well as for students who like to have a firm hand in charting their career courses).

  • Prepare for a role. Instead of completing one class after the next, the learner assumes the role of a business professional by selecting a concentration within the specialized degree program. For the student with a great head for numbers, the finance concentration will make sense. For the marketer, a focus in this section is ideal.
  • Practice the techniques. It is not enough to learn the fundamentals of finance in a lower division course. For the dedicated finance learner who wants to apply the knowledge gained already, in-depth study of portfolio management and international banking works well.
  • Create actionable decisions. Contract management is a discipline that calls for decision-making skills. Unless the student has an opportunity to try a hand a putting together actionable plans and models, the learner will not feel the connection between the course material and the real world application of the lessons.

Finding Your Place in the World of Business

Unless a course of study resonates with you on a gut level, there is a good chance that you have not yet discovered your place in the world of business. So far, we have addressed that specialization is not a limitation on your ability to spread your wings but rather an opportunity to unlock additional doors. Moreover, we have shown that concentrations within the specialization prevent you from feeling disengaged from (and bored with) the subjects you are studying as well as the future positions that will be available to someone in your field.

At this stage, it makes sense to consider your use of what you will learn. Although attending our classes on campus is a great option for students local to us, many learners live elsewhere. They have the opportunity to remain in their careers or take on entry-level business careers. There, they apply hands-on what they learn in class. Doing so is easy with our online classes. Contact us today to learn more about earning a contract management degree online.


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