If you’ve been thinking about pursuing a degree but are worried how to fit an education into your busy schedule, an online degree enables you to get the training you need for the next step in your professional life with the flexibility of not leaving your house for it.

One of the best advantages of online learning compared to traditional learning is its level of adaptability. Online learning allows you to plan your own schedule and gives you an opportunity to learn at your own pace. When it comes to the affordability of an online degree, it means you cancel out paying rent or utilities that life on campus would require. In addition, you can access your lectures from anywhere.

Do Career Research

career-researchBefore you choose a university and get started toward your new goal, you’ll have to choose a degree path. There are a number of majors for you to choose from which are offered in an online format.

Think of your interests

Make a list of subjects that interest you or are passionate about as well as a list ruling out subjects that do not attract your attention. Start to research what careers could be available with your major. For example, if you like creative writing, careers that would be a fit for you might be journalism, marketing, advertising. So you see that one interest can have multiple career alternatives.

Check the job outlook

When you’re looking to choose a major read on for some of the most promising career fields and the job outlook. The Bureau of Labor Statistics compiles statistics on job growth for different fields on their Occupational Outlook Handbook where you can compare the majors you are interested in. For example, jobs in healthcare have a great outlook, as opposed to hospitality.

Choose an Online Degree Program

Many factors come into considerations when choosing a program that would best fit you. These factors include how many years it would take to finish the program, how to choose between options and what are the best degrees offered.

choose-online-degree-programConsider how long you plan to study

You could be open to commit to a program that takes time to finish or are interested to finish your studies for a short period of time. That’s when you compare programs in your field and what they offer. In addition, you should consider what level of study you want to finish.

Compare online program options

Not every distance learning program or online degree is the same. The University of the Potomac programs offer programs of the same high quality, whether they are in an online or on-campus setting. The way that classes are delivered, the amount of coursework, the duration, you are encouraged to reach out to the administrators or program directors so that you can find the right information.

Narrow down your options

Once you have explored what different universities have to offer, cut your list down to top two or three. Take notes of what impressed you about each program, or how achievable it would be to complete given your schedule.

Best degrees to take online

Based on the median salary, job outlook, and job satisfaction these are some of the best online degrees to get.

1. Business Administration

This major could be considered one of the most popular online degrees. Not only will you obtain a solid education and a set of highly required transferable skills through an online business degree, but you may also get the opportunity to connect with other students across the world.

2. Accounting

This major is never outdated in today’s economy and many accounting tools and methods are now adjusted to online versions and UOTP offers an Associates and Bachelor’s degree in accounting both online and on-campus. If you’re good with numbers and would like to have the opportunity to work with different businesses, you might want to consider this career path.

3. Education

Now that classrooms are highly reliant on technology, a student getting an online degree in education can get the knowledge and the experience of teaching simultaneously. An online education degree provides the essential academic background for a career as a teacher or educational administrator.

4. Computer Science

Since a computer programmer’s job involves mainly technology, it would only be fair that one can study and master the skills and knowledge online. As a broad field with many job prospects, computer science offers a range of courses.

5. Healthcare Administration

This position is within healthcare but in other capacities and mostly behind the scenes, yet meaningful. You can virtually earn a master’s degree in healthcare administration since many online schools offer degrees in this major.

Find a Good Online University

find-online-universityOnce you know what you want to go to school for, you’ll need to look for one that has a reliable online learning program. You will want to find a flexible university that offers a strong education and is affordable for your budget. The University of the Potomac is an advocate for all these factors.

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Things to consider when choosing an online college

Undoubtedly, the benefits of online learning are countless. However, there are some crucial factors to weigh in so your online education is just as credible and valuable as traditional education.

1. Check for Accreditation

It is essential to check whether the university you want to attend is accredited. Employers will look at a degree from an accredited school with more respect. The University of the Potomac is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

2. Check Student Support Services

Find out what types of student services an institute offers to online learners. Online education should not mean missing out on the necessary support to help you succeed. Universities should aid online learners through all the stages of their college career.

3. Curriculum quality

Find out about the course listings, program descriptions, and materials that are available for students. You have to make sure that those materials will get you engaged in your courses actively to generate knowledge.

4. Check tuition rates

check-tuition-ratesDo not rely on the myth that an expensive online degree will guarantee quality learning. Some programs are among the most affordable and reputable on the market. Additionally, check out for indirect costs since they can add to degree expenses as well.

5. Check financial aid

While online universities are generally more affordable than traditional colleges, you still may not want to rule out financial help. Check out whether the university offers financial aid for distance students. At the University of the Potomac, you can always get in touch with a financial aid advisor. They will let you know about the financial aid options the university offers to fund your education.

6. Check transferring credits policies

Whether you have taken some courses already or would like to keep your options open, you need to know if you will be able to transfer your old credits and use them towards your next online degree. Over the course of the academic years, many students decide at a certain point they want to change majors or schools, that is when this information is essential.

Enroll in Your Program


Fill out the program’s application form, paying attention to make sure that you’ve submitted all the required materials. You’ll typically need to submit a few documents including official test scores, transcripts from schools that you’ve previously attended, and prior training certificates.

Provide documentation

Most universities will ask to hand over a copy of your high school diploma, General Educational Development test results or proof of any previous education. The university might also request additional forms of identification.

Plan Your Schedule

Although an online degree is highly flexible, you will still need to comply with course deadlines. You will want to put some thought into how your studies will fit into your schedule to maximize the work you need to put in. That way you’ll be sure that you won’t fall behind on studying. It will help you earn better grades, but it will also make you more competent when it is time to implement education in the professional world.

Earn Your Online Degree!

If you follow the steps above, you’ll be well on your way to earning your online degree. Before you know it, you’ll be graduating and moving on to the next exciting steps in your life. And with the wide variety of accredited, in-demand degrees and certificates that the University of the Potomac offers, you can even earn the degree online.

With flexibility and excellent results, earning an online degree at the University of the Potomac is one of the best choices you can make for your career. Please contact us or visit our website to learn how we can help you reach your educational goals.